May plans

After some very busy months with more birthdays, family visits and job interviews than I dare to count, the next month will not slow down much yet. I have a bunch of fun things coming up and I thought I would share. Here are my plans (other than work and gym stuff) for the month of May.

First of all I’m starting off this month with a small vacation. Yesterday it was Queens Day in the Netherlands. Since I’m not one for the big street parties that go on on this national holiday, I decided to go a bit further south and go to Antwerp for some shopping with my best friend. The rest of the vacation will be quiet. I may go to Primark later this week, but other than that it’s just some errands, a visit to a hairdresser and one class at uni. I’ll also be going to see Band of Skulls tomorrow and I’m having some friends over for dinner on Saturday.

Band of Skulls isn’t the only concert I’ll be seeing this month. I will be going to three others: Perfume Genius, Tim Christensen and the Damn Crystals and White Denim. They’re all pretty much spread out over the month. I am curious about all of them. I don’t know much of Perfume Genius’ music, but the few songs I know I love so I thought that would be cool to go to. I have been using this spot to rave about Tim Christensen and the Damn Crystals for some time now, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I will be seeing them live too. White Denim is a band I also don’t know much about. I have one song I love to death and one of their albums so I’ll just see how that goes. Usually my favorite concerts end up being the ones where I hardly knew the band and its music.

Apart from concerts I also have a bunch of social calls coming up. A friend of mine has a company that specializes in living history events and she is holding a roaring twenties party so I will be dusting off my cocktail dress and my lindyhop skills for that one. Another friend of mine is celebrating her birthday this month too so I will also be going to visit her. Somewhere in between my parents will probably come to visit me too.

Anywho: June will be knocking on my door before I know it. And June means a ton of things: the last full month at my current job, the completion of my final uni class, the start of my potentially first scientific publication and more concerts and social get-togethers. So now I’m just going to sit back, relax and enjoy this vacation because the end of this school year will hit faster than I think. I hope you get to do the same and in the mean time, check out this cool song by Arcade Fire, which I thought would make an apt soundtrack for this post. Enjoy!

Arcade Fir – Month of May

What are you up to this month? Anyone taking exams? Maybe you’re going on vacation? Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. No exams, no vacation. However I am attending a Victorian fare – which should be super fun. I haven’t planned much of this month because I wasn’t sure what money I would have available to me after going to Liverpool, so there maybe more yet. Also depends on the weather here – we’re heading for draught, but it’s raining most days. Only in the UK. Go figure.

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