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We are nearing the end of my showcasing my make up collection. I literally have only 2 more of these I can do and after that, I don’t have any more make up to show you. Today I will be showing you my Sleek I-Divine eyeshadow palettes. I have 7 of them and I love each one. They are not too expensive and feature 12 great shades that have great pigmentation. The Sleek eyeshadows are a bit powdery, but that gives them staying power and the colors are versatile and each palette is unique in that sense. I really like using these, especially because they feature quite some matte shades and I love my matte eyeshadow. I did not include swatches of these, as there are already so many blogs that do those. If you want to see what these shades look like, I suggest a Google search.

The packaging: on the left is the new packaging, the old is on the right.

The palettes come in these handy palettes. They fit right in your hand so size wise they are spot on. Each palette comes with sponge tip applicators (which I don’t use) and a gigantic mirror. Many people like taking these on the go and I understand why. They are lightweight and offer you a variation of color which allows you to change up your look daily. I’m still contemplating on taking one of these with me when I go to the States next month.

Primer palette & Storm palette

The Storm palette was my first Sleek purchase and I still love it. As you can see in the picture there are quite some shimmery shades in there, but also a few mattes. The only downside to this palette: no matte highlight color. The black color broke during transportation btw.

The Primer palette I have never used. I don’t know why. I just forget about having it I guess. I tend to grab a paintpot or NYX jumbo pencil when I need a colored primer for my lids. I am sincerely considering getting rid of this. The picture shows up blurry for some reason, but just click it and blow it up and you will be able to see the colors in focus.

Good Girl palette & Acid palette

The Good Girl palette is very pink as you can see, but also features some orange and reddish colors. I especially love the raspberry color (right row, second from the bottom) and the hot pink (top, left row).

The Acid palette I used for the first time the other day. These aren’t very everyday colors, but they are still pretty nonetheless. I just find it a pity that the two blue shades in here are almost identical.

Oh So Special palette & Au Natural palette

Oh So Special is a great neutral palette. There are some great overall colors (the pinks and light browns) and a bunch of good crease colors too (including an amazing plum color). I loved it so much that I featured it in my favorite products of 2011 post.

Another great neutral palette Sleek does is the Au Natural palette. This one is much more brown oriented. The crease colors look very similar to Oh So Special, but as you can tell there are more mattes in this palette which makes it great for every day looks. I did a review (incl. swatches) on this palette when I first got it.

My latest Sleek palette!

Ultra Mattes V2 Darks palette

Finally! A drug store brand that comes out with a fully matte palette. Sleek came out with two and this is the second one with a few neutral shades, some colors and some crease colors. I am in love with this! I contemplated getting V1 Brights as well, but since I didn’t think I’d get much use out of it, I decided to just go with this. My faves? The plum (bottom right), the dark green (bottom right), and the teal (top left). I made a smokey plum look with this the other day and this is how it turned out:

Colors used:

Pillow talk (white) on brow bone

Dune (cream) to blend dark plum into brow color

Flesh (orange/ tan) all over lid

Villan (plum) in crease

Thunder (charcoal) in outer V

You can buy Sleek in Super Drug drugstores in the UK and online on their website. Check out their blushes while you’re at it, because those are amazing too!

Do you have any Sleek palettes? Do you like them? Why?

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  1. Yes, I have the one I won off you!

    I was looking at these the other day in superdrug and there’s a few that I’d like to get. I actually really wana get the primers palette.

    Won’t get getting them yet though (ugh, I had a arm full of make up/beauty products but I made myself put them all back!) because I’m going away in a few weeks and I want to save as much as I can so I can not worry about money whilst I’m away – but I may purchase one when I get back or when I’m away even.

  2. […] When the Ultra Mattes Darks palette was released I was very very happy. Here was a truly stunning matte drugstore palette. That was and still is a unique offering in the drugstore. Not all shades perform as well, but they can easily be built up and intensified if that is what you like better. I used it in this super old blog post. […]

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