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In recent months I have found a few fun Youtubers again that I like watching. And I thought I’d share. All these channels are beauty/ make up/ fashion related, which is what I tend to watch most. I also just realized that all these people live in the UK. So yay for the Brits! Let me know in the comments below which channels you like to watch!

1.) Niasays

Niasays is actually a law student living in London, but she’s originally from Hong Kong. She has an amazing sense of style. It’s quite edgy and not always my cup of tea, but I like watching her videos to see how I can adopt things for my wardrobe.

2.) PersianBabe

Again a uni student. Her style is more clean and classic and I love her haul videos. She somehow manages to find the best items and seems like an overall sweet girl.

3.) UglyFaceof Beauty

Gracie is probably my favorite in this bunch. She also has an amazing sense of style, loves shoes (woot!) and make up and also has a great sense of humor. Just watch the video to see what I mean. She’s definitely not afraid of making fun of herself.

4.) j1mmyb0bba

The only male in the list is Jim. His style is what I would call British prep, but I like that. He does great videos on men’s style and fashion and even though I’m a girl, it’s sometimes good to know what the other sex is wearing. And okay, I’ll admit, he is sorta cute too.

5.) pixiwoo

For those of you that don’t know pixiwoo: go hide or at least subscribe to their channel. If you want to see the amazing things you can create with make up, you should give these sisters a go. Just watch the video to see what I mean.

That’s it! My 5 current favorite youtubers. What/ Who are you watching?

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