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Summer sale is on, which of course means that I had to go and see what was on offer. I think I managed to get quite a few things that are cool to show you. There’s mostly clothes (obviously), also because I plan to do some make up shopping when I’m in the States next month. I also picked up a few non sale items (I finally found a gray dress!) along the way, so not all of it is sale, but most of it is. Without further ado: my sale shoplog.

Black studded tank top (H&M)

I love how oversized this item is. I think still will look great with a pair of treggings/ leggings and make for a simple and casual outfit. Original price 15 euros. Sale price: 7 euros.

Orange lace bandeau crop top (Pieces)

I bought the nude version of this a few months ago and love it. So when I saw this for only 3.50 euros I couldn’t pass up on it.

Bright floral multi-colored skirt with dip hemline (Mango)

I saw this item at Mango months ago, but deemed it too expensive. The other day I realized that I didn’t have any fun patterned skirts anymore. So when I saw this on sale, it had to come home with me. The pattern reminds me of an impressionist paintings. As if Money himself designed it. Original price: 35 euros. Sale price: 25 euros.

Bright neon pink dress (H&M)

Another item that was on my wishlist for some time: a bright pink dress. I had ordered one from H&M in autumn, but it didn’t look nice on so I returned it. This one is very simple, but the color gives it that bit extra. It also has an exposed zipper in the back. Original price: 15 euros. Sale price: 7 euros.

Orange lace full length skater dress (Mango)

This dress is so out there and that’s what I like about it. Again: saw this months ago, didn’t buy it because at nearly 60 euros i thought it was too expensive. It was on sale for 40 euros and I don’t think that is too much for a dress like this.

Taupe t-shirt dress (H&M)

Baggy dresses make great casual outfits. You can simply throw them on, put some shoes on and you’re out the door. I bought something similar from H&M last year and loved it. This very basic looking dress fits nicely and was only 5 euros (original price 10 euros).

Mint green polka dot shorts (Zara)

I didn’t get a very good deal on these shorts, but I loved them so much. I just had to have them! Original price: 25.95 euros. Sale price: 19.95 euros.

White t-shirt with metallic print (Only)

I love buying t-shirts on sale. This shirt immediately drew me in. The woman in the picture reminds me of a mermaid of some kind and you can’t really see it in the picture, but the print is covered in a silver metallic hue. Metallic without going crazy. Original price:??? wasn’t listed. Sale price: 9.95 euros.

Union jack/ rose print white t-shirt (ZARA)

Again, basic t-shirt. Nothing special. I just liked the print a lot. Don’t know the original price, but I bought it for 5 euros.

Light gray skater dress (H&M)

The first non-sale item. I saw this beauty on the website and knew I had to have it. I asked for it in a few stores, but none seemed to carry it. So I decided to order it online and just see whether it would fit. It looks very nice on and it has a bit of a surprise in the back:

It’s a very cute dress which can be worn casually or dressy depending on how you accessorize it. The cut out in the back is very subtle and still classy and I love that.

Beige t-shirt with multi-colored specks (H&M)

This t-shirt is also from H&M’s current regular collection. Basic, yet fun because of the speckled look. As you can see below:

Metallic bronze flats (H&M)

Shoes! A girl just can’t have enough of them. Well I can’t. These were originally 10 euros, but they were on sale for only 5 euros. I like how they have the little cut outs. They’re open shoes without being too open.

Black strappy gladiator sandals (H&M)

My first pair of sandals. Believe it or not, but before this I had no sandals. Why? They never fit. These do though because of the laces going down the middle. They are very similar to the nude flatform wedges I showed in this post. Those shoes are super comfy so I figured these must be too. If they are, I’m thinking of taking them with me on vacation.

Slim studded black belt (Pieces)

Just a simple staple to have in your wardrobe: a narrow black belt. Again, I didn’t have one, so I picked this up for 3 euros.

White and transparent pink bangle bracelet (H&M)

This wasn’t on sale, but too cool to pass up. I love chunky bracelets!

Pink & white belt set (V&D)

Red, green & blue belt set (Pull & Bear)

I went a little belt crazy this time round, but I was looking for a green and pink belt as well, but then I found these sets and just went with it. The belts from Pull & Bear were on sale for 10 euros and for a set of three belts I don’t find that too much.

MAC matte lipstick in Russian Red & MAC amplified lipstick in Watch me Simmer

Then for the beauty bits: I bought two MAC lipsticks and the Make Up Store eyeshadow which I showed you earlier. After seeing Watch me Simmer in live action a while ago, I wanted to have it. It was re-released with the Reel Sexy collection and so I ordered it online on the first day the Dutch MAC online store was opened. I also didn’t own any flattering red lipsticks and Russian Red is such a classic color and it looks great on. Swatches:

Russian Red & Watch Me Simmer (swatch)

Sephora top coat nail polish

Last but not least, I went to Sephora. They had a deal where you could get 3 nail polishes for 10 euros. Unfortunately all three of these are disappointing. The glittery one hardly transfers onto your nails and the purple and blue ones are exactly the same when you apply them to your nails.

I pretty much purchased all of these items in the course of 1 month. So it’s a bit of a collective haul if you’d like. Let me know in a comment below what you bought now sale has hit us full storm!

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