MAC Heavenly Creatures LE purchases

MAC is one of my favorite make up brands by now and one thing MAC does is release limited editions several times a year. All these limited editions are actually just additions to the regular selection of products, rather than real limited editions. Granted the products are only on sale for a limited amount of time, but MAC releases so many LEs that you can hardly claim these are real LEs. Nevertheless there are several collections that get people excited before they are released. One such collection is the newly released Heavenly Creatures collection. This summery galaxy inspired make up collection features many mineral make up products. Since I love the mineral blush in Fresh Honey that I bought from the Naturally LE which was released earlier this year, I decided to have a peek and found two products that I wanted to have: Solar Ray mineral blush and Invincible Light mineral eyeshadow.

Solar Ray & Invincible Light

Aren’t they gorgeous? Solar Ray is a pink blush with an orange/golden swirl. Invincible Light is  lavender/ lilac-y color with a white/ silver and golden swirl. The way these work is you can either use the colors separately, or you can simply swirl your blush all over the colors and blend them to create one unique shade. Both the blush and eyeshadow are insanely pigmented, one of the many perks of mineralized make up products. They are baked rather than pressed which is why. Let’s have a look at some close ups and swatches shall we?

Solar Ray blush

First up: Solar Ray. Look at that sheen and pattern. As you can see the blush gives off quite a bit of product. The pink is not too overpowering. Very bright pinks don’t look good on my skin as I have quite a bit of redness in my face and bright pinks only accentuate that rather than giving me a healthy pink glow. The orange/ golden swirl is quite glittery but adds just enough color to counteract the pink. The blended color is a pretty soft pink color with a golden sheen. Swatches:

Solar Ray swatches: pink only, swirl only, blended together

Invincible Light eyeshadow

Close up you can see the pretty purple color and even a bit of pink here and there. Then there is the silver white cloud in the middle and then there’s the brownish/ golden swirl throughout the product. To me this really looks like a planet from outer space. The purple actually doesn’t show up very purple, which is exactly what I had hoped for. It is more of a soft lilac with a white sheen to it. The swirl is fairly chunky and a pretty bronze color. The white is very shimmery. It was quite a feat trying to get this color swatched all blended together, as I would always end up with a bit too much white or a bit too much brown. This will thus take some time to get a hang of. Swatches:

Invincible Light swatches: purple, swirl, silver/ white, blended

This is my first time trying a MAC mineralized eyeshadow and I have to say: I’m not disappointed! It’s shimmery but that is what I had expected and was going for. I love how this shadow can be very versatile if need be because you get 3 colors in one. It is perfect for highlighting or every day looks. The blush is stunning too. I love glowy peach colors for my cheeks so I’m sure I’ll be getting use out of this.

Have you bought anything from the Heavenly Creatures collection? If not, which is your favorite from this collection?

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