H&M fall 2012 collection wishlist

When I arrived home after my vacation the new H&M fall 2012 catalogue was waiting for me to browse through it. I usually shop at H&M through their website as it is so much easier than having to battle the crowds on an average Saturday afternoon in my town. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find much to my liking. The deep reds that were in style at the end of last winter have become the main feature and I feel that much of the styles were also done last year. Nevertheless, I did find a few items that I like and I thought I’d share those with you.

Beige knit cardigan with metallic thread €29.95

I love long knit cardigans in fall/ winter. I don’t have a beige one yet and this has some sort of texture through it which makes it not opaque beige. The color is described as ‘beige with glitters’ on the website so I’m expecting it to have some sort of metallic thread running through it. Will have to see this in real life to see whether I really like it.

Forest green lace shorts €24.95

It may seem weird to be wearing shorts in fall, but you can make it work by wearing them with tights. I would pair these with opaque black tights and some black heels or boots and it would make my legs seem endless. Simple black t-shirt on top and you’re good to go.

Dark grey button down with 3/4 sleeves €24.95

This shirt is also available in white and I am still torn between the dark grey and the white one. The white would be more classic, but I don’t have a grey button down. On the other hand, I already own so many button downs that I am doubting whether I really want it. Choices, choices…

Navy & white striped t-shirt €7.95

Basic t-shirt that I think will make a nice staple in any wardrobe. Navy tends to be a color I pull off pretty well and this could go with anything: skirts, pants or whatever and would give a dressed down look to any outfit.

Navy lace t-shirt €19.95

Not yet sure whether I want to get this. I like the color and the fact that it’s lace. This is really one of those things that I have to see on and might end up sending back because it looks hideous on.

Black wedge Chelsea boots €39.95

I’ve been wanting a pair of black Chelsea boots since last winter. At the time I couldn’t find any that suited my budget. H&M shoes are generally quite comfy (as long as you don’t wear them every day) and they are affordable. I also like how these have a wedge heel instead of a regular flat one. These are definitely my must have items on this list.

Silver cuff hair tie €3.95

I don’t wear my hair in a ponytail anymore that often, but I am loving these hair cuffs lately. I already have one in rose gold, but since I tend to wear silver jewelry most often I think that silver would be a better match to my wardrobe and style.

5 pairs of textured socks €7.95

Last but not least the most mundane of items one could possibly imagine: socks! I am liking these as they have a sort of pattern on most of the pairs. I tend to buy socks and pantyhose at the beginning of fall/ winter so I’m stocked up for the rest of the season.

So that’s it. That is literally ALL that I found in the H&M collection for fall 2012. I know they will release an updated catalogue and additions throughout the season so I’m hoping they come up with more interesting items later on. I will most likely bring home a few of these items some time this month so keep a look out for that.

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