Quick & Easy Recipe: bean sprouts & pea pods

I though that today it would be nice to post a very quick and easy recipe. You can literally make this in 10 minutes, requires minimal preparation and only one pan. Yet it is tasty and insanely satisfactory due to the cheese. Here’s how to make it.

Stir fry with bean sprouts, pea pods, ham and goat’s cheese


– 200 grams of bean sprouts

– 150 grams of pea pods

– 5 – 6 slices of thinly sliced ham

– 2 nuggets of soft goat’s cheese

– some olive oil

– Additional: rösti or potato wedges go well with these


– Dice the ham

– Heat up a skillet with the olive oil

– Bake the ham & add the pods until glazed & brown

– Add the bean sprouts

– Keep stirring and wait for the bean sprouts to go soft (but not too soft)

– Put on a plate

– Sprinkle goat’s cheese

Since the goat’s cheese has a bunch of flavor you don’t need much seasoning just some pepper and/ or salt should do. If you like you can add soy sauce and sesame seeds and serve it with rice for a more Asian touch. Crushed cashew nuts go well with it and you could substitute the ham with turkey or chicken (or tofu even) and the pods with green beans. So: super versatile and quick little dish. Handy when you have to make something but don’t have much time to cook.

Happy cooking!

4 responses to “Quick & Easy Recipe: bean sprouts & pea pods”

    • Ja je kunt dit gerecht helemaal maken zoals je wilt. Het kan ook met tofu, gehakt, plakjes kalkoen-en/of kipfilet, wel kaas, geen kaas, met rösti of van die aardappelschijfjes waar het velletje nog aan zit. Zeker dat laatste en dan geroosterd in de oven met wat rozemarijn. Yummy!

    • Good! Do it. It is so super easy, you wouldn’t believe it. If you want you can add potato to make it a more fulfilling meal (or you can simply add more cheese)

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