Fashion: yay or nay?

I thought it would be fun to ask your opinions about a few things. When it comes to fashion, there are several things that people think are not done, and others are fine with it. Sort of fashion dos and don’ts. Some of them pertain current fashionable items. Others are debates that have been going on for a while. I am interested in YOUR opinion on some of these ‘issues’ (hey, it beats talking about more serious things right 😉 ). In the mean time I will devote my post to my stance. Feel free to copy this to your blog and leave a comment below with your take and why. Without further ado, I present to you: the fashion yay or nay.


The Jeffrey Campbell Lita is a shoe that has been hyped a lot over the past 1.5 years. On Tumblr, on youtube. It was almost as if you couldn’t be deemed fashionable if you didn’t own a pair. They are said to be insanely comfortable, despite the height and they come in an array of colors, textures and other goodness. For a while I thought they looked nice, until I saw the real deal while I was on vacation. They look liked heeled cloggs and feel heavy. I don’t care how savvy people think they look while wearing these, but for me it’s a nay.

Leggings as pants

Ooh this is a big one. I think you can, but only under certain circumstances. Fun leggings, like the ones in the picture, are fine I guess, but I would definitely want to wear something long over it. My rule for wearing leggings is that the top I wear should at least cover my bum. Unless you are very skinny, then you can get away with it. The material matters to. Treggings or leggings made of thicker material and non-spandex are fine. As long as you can’t see any striae, love handles etc, I guess it’s okay. So for me this is a yay.

Socks in a peep toe shoe

Another debate I often hear is whether you can or can’t wear socks in a peep toe shoe. I think it depends on the color and texture of the socks. I have a pair of black patent leather peep toe shoes and pairing those with opaque black tights is fine with me. Sheer tights are a no go though but socks that match your shoe or in a neutral color can make or break an outfit I think. I don’t like it on myself, as I feel that any lines near my ankles make me look shorter but if you have endlessly long legs than yes I think it can work. Yay from me, but only partly.

Clashing patterns in one outfit

My first instinct is to say no. In the picture above I definitely don’t like it. The reason why? It’s very tricky. I don’t think it can’t be done, but too much pattern can be quite overpowering. I think though, that when done properly, it can look pretty and give a more casual vibe to a classy outfit. Chriselle Lim, on youtube, has a great tutorial on this. But for me personally? It’s a nay, just because I can’t do it.

Biker boots

For girls of course. For guys I find it no problem at all. I personally love biker boots. They quickly add a rough edge to any outfit. I have come across plenty of discussions on the interwebs though, where girls say they find this type of shoe hideous. I’m guessing here that it is simply a matter of personal taste and style. Does it fit yours, yes or no? It fits mine and therefore I’m going with a YAY.

What about you? What’s you’re opinion on these fashion statements? Are they faux pas? Or a-okay?

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One response to “Fashion: yay or nay?”

  1. I personally wouldn’t do any of these apart from biker boots.

    I think different people can pull off different things tho so whilst most of these things are a definite nay for me, certain people could rock them.

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