TimesTalks Cosmopolis Interview

Last week, Cosmopolis, the movie about arrogant multi-billionaire Eric Packer who goes across Manhattan for a haircut, finally opened in the United States. For David Cronenberg (the director) and Robert Pattinson (the lead actor) this meant a slew of more promo and hence more interviews. One of these interviews was with The New York Times culture editor for a session of TimesTalks. This 1.5 hour long (!!) interview offers some great insights into the movie as well as talk of movie making, fame and concepts about capitalism and the development of society in general.

I terribly enjoyed this interview. It is a long haul to watch, but I think it is worth it. Finally an interview where the interviewer and the interviewee really have time to exchange thoughts, ideas and aren’t cut short by time constraints or the hastiness of journalists in general.

Read my review of Cosmopolis by clicking here before you watch the video and if you still can go see the movie in a cinema near you.

Thanks to Robsessedpattinson.com for posting the Youtube version of this link.

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