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This past weekend I went on a bit of a splurge. I still had some vouchers lying about from my birthday and a few random ones gifted to me along the way and I decided to spend them all. So consider this one part of a shoplog. I decided to split it up though, because this one purchase is very special to me. For one, it would be hella expensive without the coupons, and secondly, because I’m simply loving these colors.

I was gifted coupons by my old job to spend as I pleased. Only problem was that I didn’t know what to spend it on. I had first settled on keeping them and buying a bunch of CDs with them. But I figured that CDs in Holland are too expensive anyways and I would be better off getting them from Amazon. So then what? I randomly looked up the stores where I could spend the vouchers and found two high end drugstores in my town listed.

Dior Rouge Diorific long-wearing true color lipstick in 024 Corail Hip-Hop

Dior 3 Couleurs Smokey ready-to-wear smoky eyes palette in 481 Smoky Khaki

Since I have been pining over Dior lipstick for quite some time now, I decided to check out the Dior counter. Once there, my eye didn’t spy any lipsticks, but a great smoky eye palette which has just been released. At over 40 euros for 3 eyeshadows I wouldn’t have gotten this at all, but the coupons covered all that and more, so I decided to add a lipstick anywayz. I will spare you the details of incompetent sales people, but I ended up walking out the door with these two beauties. Let’s have a look shall we?

Did you guess what that was when you first saw the picture? Imagine my shock when I opened the packaging. If there is one thing Dior excells at it’s packaging. This doesn’t look like a lipstick, it’s more like mini perfume bottle. The color is a spicy coral with a hint of red. And oh boy, is this thing longwearing. It survived nearly 2 meals and cups of tea and I only had to re-apply it once during a 12 hour day.

Now on to the deal breaker… The palette…

Nice sleek packaging…

Followed by another surprise: the palette slides open and automatically reveals the mirror.

Gah!!! Now on to the colors:

What you get are three gorgeous colors that are so well in tune with one another it should be a crime. The golden shade at the bottom is perfect for overall the lid or highlighting. Then there are two ‘smoky’ shades. A subltly shimmering khaki/ olive green color in the top left and a very sparkly dark olive/ khaki color.

Major eye candy if you ask me, but how well do they swatch?

Dior Corail Hip-Hop & Smoky Khaki

This picture doesn’t even begin to justify the colors in real life. The shimmers in the eyeshadow are a lot more present and more gorgeous in reality. Oh well… You get the jist.

Tomorrow I will post a make up look using these products. Have a great day.

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  1. […] This palette was a bit of a whimsical buy, but as you can see this has been well loved as well. It features some gorgeous golden green shades that make not only a wonderful smoky eye with a twist, but also work great on their own or in other eye looks. I wrote a review, showcasing the palette in all its glory, two years ago. So if you care to see the nifty packaging this comes in (hint: it has a fully automatic mirror that pops up when you slide open the case), click this link to see the prettiness. […]

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