Favorite dresses for fall

I’m ba-hack! Yup, feeling better again so it’s time to start blogging again. And I thought we’d better start with a post that hopefully helps all of you who feel apprehensive about wearing dresses in fall/ winter. Dresses usually have short sleeves and can be quite cold. They usually apply better to sunnier and warmer weather. But by picking fabrics and colors that go with colder weather and the right accessories you can wear your dresses pretty much year round. Here are my favorite dresses for fall/ winter and why.

Forget about heavy knit dresses as your only option. I have opted for dresses that you can easily dress up or down according to the occasion and weather forecast. Yes, thicker fabrics do make dresses more suitable for colder seasons, but not exclusively so. That is why some of the dresses below may not scream ‘winter’ straight away, but I will give a description of how I would make these dresses work once temperatures start to dramatically drop.

Orange lace dress (Mango)

I bought this dress during the summer sale in June. This is exactly one of those dresses that you wouldn’t necessarily want to wear in fall/ winter. It’s too bright, it’s too cold, but it could work. Where I would pair this with whites, creams or soft gray tones for spring, I simply combine it with black for fall/ winter. It is even one of the current trends to combine orange with black, so you’d be spot on. Simply add thick opaque black tights, and a black blazer to warm this baby up and you’re good to go. For shoes you can go with a classic heel for the snow free days, but a pair of chunky boots would toughen it up and will go well with the girly lace and bold color. If black is too black for you, you can also rock this dress with charcoal grays.

Navy/ blue plaid dress with balloon skirt (Ichi – from Men at Work)

This dress is for a more casual vibe. Instead of throwing a blazer over this, I would pair it with a longsleeved black t-shirt and possibly a faux fur or denim vest to warm it up. Again pair it with thick black tight or possibly even leggings. I personally like dressing this down by adding a pair of legwarmers or thigh high socks and my high top Reebok sneakers. However, a chunky biker or cowboy boot can also do the trick.

Green dress with singed waist and neck detail (Forever 21)

Green isn’t just a spring color, but is also very apt for fall. I love the neck detail on this. Again, this dress can easily be dressed up by adding a few accessories. Instead of going for black tights, I would opt for gray or taupe ones and a grey or nude shoe to match. Green is also nicely paired with tan colored items and since I still have a pair of tan biker boots lying about I would simply pair them with my bray tights, tan biker boots and a gray knitted cardigan. The knit cardigan will keep you warm and add some texture to the outfit. I would leave the buttons of the cardigan undone so your dress doesn’t go to waste.

Red & gray jersey & houndstooth pattern A-line dress (Kling – from Men at Work)

I love the silhouette of this dress. It’s very dainty and girly looking. The fabric is thick and structured  making it perfect for color weather. I wouldn’t do too much to this as it is very warm on it’s own. To prevent myself from freezing I would throw on a thin black sweater and black tights. If it’s not too cold, sheer tights and no sweater can work with this too. Add a pair of low-heeled mary-janes or again a sturdy pair of boots and you’ll be good to go. Because of the shape of the dress you could also opt for packing on a layer or two underneath it. No one would really see it.

Black lace dress (Primark)

Probably the lightest and most summery dress fabric wise, this dress is insanely thin. I only tend to wear it during the fall/winter season though. It functions as my winter ‘little black dress’. The neckline goes pretty high up and you can easily throw on the thermal underwear if need be. Thick tights, leggings or maybe a pair of tight riding pants/ treggings could go with this. On top, a blazer will give this a dressed up look, but with a chunky light colored cardigan it can also be dressed down. Add heels or boots, go with whatever goes with your look and the weather. When wearing this at a party or any indoors activity you can also go there wearing boots and simply swop them for heels when you arrive.

Multicolored fall inspired sleeveless dress (Band of Gypsies – from Asos)

This dress was bought in last year’s winter sale from Asos.com and it is one of my favorites. I fell in love with the colors of this dress. They just scream fall to me. I wear this with a brown long sleeve and brown tights. I singe the waist with my tan belt and wear tan brogues, brown brogues or tan boots with this. This dress is super versatile and could even function as just a skirt by throwing a sweater over it. I now also a own a cream colored cardigan and I could see that go with this as well.

Do you wear dresses in fall/ winter? What are your favorites?

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