Picspam: lights of the sky

For three years I spent almost every day of the week traveling nearly 3 hours to and from work. In that time I got to see many a sunrise, sunset and anything in between. I have always been a sucker for the prettiness that is the sky. I remember as a kid, having a booklet that explained cloud shapes and I would spend many afternoons trying to explain to anyone who would hear it what it all meant. And I still love skies. I can become completely spellbound when I see the pretty lights play in the sky. Not only on train, but also during my travels as well as from my own window I get to see the prettiest things. And when I do, I always try to take a picture. These are my favorites.

*Warning* This post is picture heavy. Most pics were taken with my phone so they’re not sublime quality. I have added information as to when and where the picture was taken as much as possible.

#1: summer sunset from my window (August 2011, Leiden, The Netherlands)

#2: sunset from the train on my way home (August 2011 between Breda & Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Gotta love the fact that Holland is so flat sometimes!

#3: rain & thunder clouds over Holland (September 2011, The Netherlands)

#4: sunset with blues, indigo, purple and pinks (October 2011, Leiden, The Netherlands)

#5: sunrise in winter time. See that tiny orange spot on the horizon? Yeah that would be the sun… (February 2012, The Netherlands)

#6: Looming sand storms over Henderson & Lake Mead (near Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, August 2008)

#7: The Grand Canyon at sunset (August 2008)

#8: Rainbow & thunder clouds over Grand Canyon (August 2008)

#9: Thunder storm including lightning over Lake Mead (Nevada, United States, August 2008)

#10: sunset over Grand Canyon (August 2008)

#11: sunrise on LaGuardia Airport (New York July 2012)

#12: clouds over Niagara Falls (Horseshoe Fall, Niagara Falls, Canada, July 2012)

#13: clouds over Jersey City, as seen from Manhattan (New Jersey, United States, July 2012)

#14: rain clouds over lake (Brabant, The Netherlands, July 2012)

#15: sunset over Amsterdam sky line (September 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

#16: murky sky on a murky day through a murky window (from train, April 2010, The Netherlands)

#17: sunrise over Breda from 4th floor office window (February 2012, Breda, The Netherlands)

#18: cloudy but otherwise clear skies over ‘polder’ (near Lage Zwaluwe, September 2010)

#19: fading sunset over Leiden (taken from my window, April 2012, Leiden, The Netherlands)

#20: sunset with airplane stripes (May 2010, The Netherlands)

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