SOTD: Neon Indian – Ephemeral Artery

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During weekends I always tend to listen to some music that doesn’t necessarily fall into my comfort zone. I will scour the interwebs, my own playlists and record shelves to find gems that I may have overlooked, never heard before or rediscover. Since I have been so busy with work these past few weeks I haven’t had time to work my way through 4 batches of new music, so I can’t really post any current favorites. What I can do however is to post on which songs strike me and here is one song that struck me when I was haphazardly skipping through my playlist.

Neon Indian – Ephemeral Artery

Neon Indian himself isn’t a stranger to me. At least his music isn’t. I love Deadbeat Summer and Polish Girl. But this song had somehow gotten under the radar. It is from his album Psychic Chasms and that is probably why. I remember getting my hands on a bunch of new music, but I only had time to listen to roughly half of it thoroughly. So this must have been one of those albums that I simply have sitting on my shelf without having given it a proper listen.

Nevertheless, I love this song. The beat, the sound effects. It’s a genuinely great piece of electronic music. Or as some commenters on Youtube put it: this sounds like Passion Pit had a child with Justice, which was raised by MGMT and has Com Truise for an uncle. Nuff said, methinks.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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