Fall/ Winter 2012 collective haul: Primark, H&M, ZARA & more

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I go to Primark twice, maybe three times a year. Once for each major season change, because that’s when they seem to have the best items. Primark is still a bit hit or miss though. Sometimes they have great stuff, and at other times it is all a bit standard and uninspiring. So this time, I set out for my bi-annual season change visit to Primark to find they had some great stuff. Many items were very on trend: Chanel like tweet jackets, aztec print sweaters, a gazillion different button downs and biker jackets.

The same day I went to Primark, I had to be in The Hague. They have a Sephora over there and I was running low on eye make up remover, I decided to go into town and stock up. The Sephora brand eye make up remover is by far my favorite, so when I can, I go to The Hague and get some. But, The Hague has some other cool stores. Needless to say, I went home with a bit more than just eye make up remover.

This post comprises all I bought that day and features my Primark purchases, some H&M, ZARA and MAC stuff. I will start clothes first, then go into shoes & accessories and I will end this post with some beauty related items I got.

White lace & black pleather collar dress (Primark)

The first thing I thought when I saw this was: SCORE! I had been wanting a leather collar item for some time, but nothing I found suited me. This dress is perfect though. It’s girly but the collar gives it a bit of edge. Right on trend for this season, but not something you can’t wear next year.

Sheer black & butterfly print button down blouse (Primark)

As I said, Primark was filled to the brim with different types of blouses. Out of all the ones that I tried on, I liked this one best. I love the bright pattern on the dark background. And well, you all know about my button down fetish by now don’t you?

Camel/ tan colored a-line duffel coat (Primark)

Did I need a new winter coat? No. I really didn’t. But this looked so good on and cost next to nothing (25 euros to be exact) so I couldn’t pass it up. I bought a teddy lined parka from Primark last year and not only did it survive all winter, but it’s still good to go another year. I’m hoping this will last too. I love the contrast navy in the hood and sleeves.

Black (or dark purple or navy?) velvet t-shirt with baroque print (H&M trend)

One of my reasons for shopping H&M in The Hague is so I get to see the trend collection. As far as I know this isn’t sold online and they always have some cool things that are nothing like what they sell at most H&Ms. I had been wanting a velvet top since last winter, but couldn’t find anything, or it simply didn’t fit. When I saw this I was apprehensive. The baroque print isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but when I tried it on it looked absolutely fabulous. I can’t decide on what color this is supposed to be though. In certain light it looks black, in others a very dark blue or purple.

Night gowns (Primark)

Now on to the boring stuff: night gowns. I bought one in May, loved it and so I bought two more. They are cheap too: 5 or 6 euros and they are 100% cotton. I love wearing them this time of year.

Fleece fairisle print pajama bottoms/ sweatpants (Primark)

Another thing you can always find at Primark are comfy stay-at-home pants. I just threw out a bunch of old sweatpants and these seemed incredibly warm. Bring on the cold!

Black bow ballerina flats (Primark)

Primark also does some great shoes. Granted they are not the best quality so after having warn my standard black flats which I got in Dublin last year, they are practically falling apart. I needed a new ones and found these. They have a special sole for more comfort and are specifically designed for wide feet. Unfortunately I still had to buy these a size bigger than usual, but they are insanely comfortable. The big bow makes for a nice touch.

Black platform with wooden heel (Sacha)

I saw these already a few days before this shopping trip, but at the time they weren’t available in my size. Next to the Primark I go to, there is a Sacha and they still had them. I tried them on and they seemed comfortable enough (as far as 13 cm heels go). They sort of look like the Jeffrey Campbell Lita, but without the laces. Instead, there’s a zipper in the back and are all black suede and have a great contrasting wooden heel. I actually wore these out on Saturday while running errands and they do take some getting used to. I can walk in them just find, but the fact that I’m afraid of heights and Leiden is paved with cobble stones did make it a challenge.

Navy & cream fairisle print snood scarf (Primark)

Rule number one when visiting Primark: make sure to check their men’s section. It’s a lot smaller and less crowded than the women’s section, but they sometimes have some great things. I spotted this scarf in burgundy at first, but figured the blue would look better with my new coat and I have been wanting a comfy navy scarf for a while.

Cream & rainbow colored snood scarf (ZARA)

Another circle scarf snood. This time from ZARA. I saw this when I was in ZARA buying the army shirt you saw in this shoplog. Frankly, I didn’t find anything else at ZARA. I’m not really digging ZARA this season. The colors are so drab and everything is studded, embellished with rhine stones or otherwise dabbled with that doesn’t make me want to buy it.

Black felt floppy hat (H&M)

Ever since I saw one of these on Jenn from ClothesEncounters I wanted to have one of these. But none I found looked remotely good on me. This, however, is an exception. Dunno yet when I will wear this. To me this is more of a spring than a fall/ winter item.

Stars & Stripes woolen hat (Primark)

Metal hair tie & hair doughnut (H&M)

Another item from Primark’s men’s section and two hair items. I have a hair donut but it’s a bit too big for me. This is about half the size of the one I already have. The hairtie is something I had been looking for for a while, but it was sold out online. I already have one in rose gold and love it.

Woolen socks (H&M), black tights x2 (Primark)

I am loving the sock trend right now, so I decided to buy two pairs to play tag-along. Primark does some great tights. I bought one in 100 denier (on the right). The other one is super thick and I only realized when I came home it’s lined with fleece on the inside. Woo-ah. Can you say warm?

Sensodyne toothpaste, OPI Number One Nemesis, MAC foundation & powder

Last but not least, I bought some beauty items. First of all, I stocked up on new toothpaste. Two weeks ago I was struck with an incessant toothache. I went to my dentist to find out I need special toothpaste to make it go away. Since it’s not too cheap and a drugstore now had a buy 2 get 2 free discount I decided to stock up. Can’t be without toothpaste!

On to the fun stuff. I finally purchased Number One Nemesis from OPI’s Spiderman collection. This is from their summer collection and although their winter collection is nearly in stores I only bought this just now. None of the polishes in this collection appealed to me apart from this one. I tried looking for it when I was in the US, but alas didn’t find it. Now I did and got it. It has the prettiest amount of shimmer to it and goes on very opaque. Love it.

Finally, I bought some face products by MAC. Lo and behold: my very first high end foundation purchase. I am not much of a foundation girl as it always made my skin itch or it looked cakey. With my finally having found a good day creme and my tolerance for MAC products I thought I should give this a go. I bought the MAC Face & Body foundation as it is a very natural looking foundation. I’m in color C1. The lightest one with a yellow undertone. The pink undertone one was too dark for my skin. I decided to buy a powder to go along with it. Because even though I love my MAC Mineral Skinfinish Natural I find it too cakey when used over my BB creams, let alone foundation. The make up artist recommended this pressed Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder as I want it to mattify my skin without it going cakey even after spending hours in an airconditioned environment. This powder ought to do the trick as it apparently functions as a primer in powder form.

That’s it! That’s my haul. And I know I keep saying this, but I think that right now I’m ready for fall and winter. How about you?

6 responses to “Fall/ Winter 2012 collective haul: Primark, H&M, ZARA & more”

  1. Selma Avatar

    Wat een leuke dingen heb je gekocht! Vooral die pyjamabroek lijkt me heerlijk! Net als de sjaal en de houtje-touwtje-jas (ik ben gek op houtje-touwtje, doet me denken aan toen ik kind was).

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Dankjewel! Ik ben dus ook dol op houtje-touwtje jassen. Heb al een rode winterjas die dat ook heeft, maar vond deze wel weer heel leuk staan.

  2. Elyne Avatar

    Leuke aankopen! Dat eerste jurkje is echt super, je zou niet zeggen dat het van Primark is. Ik ben ook fan van de Sachabooties, ze lijken me heel veelzijdig 🙂

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ik vond het jurkje echt te schattig en toch ook stoer vanwege het leer in het kraagje.

  3. Ashley Avatar

    Hi I love that h&m hat you bought would it be possible for you to send me the product code found on the hat label.

    Thank you

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      These are the only numbers I could find. Hope it’s what you’re looking for:

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