Current favorite songs January #1

With the start of the new year, I also want to change up some of the posts on here. One type of post that I’m gonna keep, but which I want to pour in a slightly different format are the music posts. I want to make weekly current favorites with 5 – 10 songs each week. I hope to post them during the weekend, but I may change that up if it is more convenient. So instead of doing songs of the day, I will just add all my favorites of that week into one post and do longer posts. When making my end of 2012 list, I noticed how many other songs I’d loved which I hadn’t posted on here! And I know there are a few people following this space solely for the music posts so I hope to cater to them and for some of you who take a peek from time to time it might be interesting to widen their musical horizon a bit.

Here are my favorites of January 2013 week 1.

Blondfire – Waves

Indiepop song with a bit of a surf/ summer feel to it. Catchy & cute.

Joshua James – Mystic

This song brought tears to eyes and goosebumps all over my skin. It’s not often that that happens.

The Peach Kings – Fisherman

Female indie rock tune with some interesting beats and melody lines. Includes some of the catchiest and vague lyrics in music history.

Labyrinth Ear – Urchin

Mysterious and dark. This indie elektro song is minimal at its best. Slowly builds and leaves you craving for more.

Beneath the Beach – Watermark

Repetitive instrumental indie rock/ elektro combo. Loopy and sampled with some great rhythm changes and enticing melody lines.

Iko – Heart of Stone

One of the very few songs from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack worth listening to. I love how this songs builds up towards the end.

Caribou – Lalibela (Thology Remix)

Definitely not the easiest song to listen to, but majestic in its simplicity. Good beats, good sampling, good song.

Ellie Goulding – Only You

Perfect combo of pop with some indie elektro/ chill wave with thumping beats. I’m glad Ellie Goulding is becoming more of a household name.

Kuhn – Even Bears

So you like break beats? With a bit of a hip hop vibe you say? Then this will be right up your alley.

Lord Huron – Ends of the Earth

One of my favorite bands of the moment. A bit of folk, a bit indiepop and even some electronic samples from time to time make this band an interesting one. This song is more on the folk than anything else, but hopefully interesting enough for you to check more of their work.

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