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Nothing completes an outfit like the right accessories. I go through phases when it comes to what I wear. Sometimes it’s earrings, then it’s necklaces, bracelets or rings. I do have a few items that I like so much that I wear them often. Often enough to label them as staples. Most of the accessories/ jewelry I wear is silver or black, with not too much bling. I like the odd rhinestone here and there, but I don’t like overdoing it. Since I never wear rings in winter (because of gloves) I didn’t feature any of those.

Triangle short bib necklace (Forever 21), spike chandelier earrings (Forever 21), black bracelet with filligree cut outs (Six), silver colored chunky cuff bracelet with hinge (Forever 21)

Forever 21 is quite possibly one of my favorite places to shop for accessories. They are good quality products and cheap. Also a plus: I have never had an allergic reaction to any of their jewelry before. These are also the only bracelets featured in this post. I prefer chunky cuff bracelets like the ones above.

Brass colored owl necklace with multicolored rhinestones (Ebay)

If you are looking for cheap accessories and you don’t really care how long it will last, Ebay is your best bet. This owl necklace has proven to be sturdy so far. Isn’t it cute?

Silver colored toy horse chain necklace (Pieces)

Another cutesy item. I bought this for 3 euros on sale. Honestly, how could you pass up on this cute horse? And you can see, from the brass that has started to show through that I wear this often.

Silver telephone necklace (Primark)

This necklace is quite dainty, which is what I like about it. It also has a few rhinestones, but not too many. Cool fact: the receiver is magnetized and can be taken off.

Silver heart with lock chain necklace (H&M)

Another often worn item is this necklace from H&M. I am not too keen on H&M jewelry. I only find items occasionally but when I do, I tend to love them. Again, the wear marks indicate how much I love this. It’s simple yet fun.

Silver tribal triangle & spike short necklace (Forever 21)

Last year I went on the hunt for shorter necklaces and this was one of my finds. It has everything I need in a necklace: it’s simple, has spikes for a bit of edge and it has just the right length.

Silver chain necklace with different colored vintage look keys (Pieces)

I’m obsessed with chain necklaces with keys on them. I used to wear an old key from my bed room on a leather string, but unfortunately I lost it. This I bought as a replacement. Not the same, but it suffices to fulfill it’s purpose.

What are your favorite accessories?

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