Music of the Moment (February 2013 #3)

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Today’s music post has a bit of a theme going on: all songs are by bands starting with the letter B. Because I’m a bit OCD like that. 😉 And because I am currently working on cleaning up my random playlist. These songs aren’t necessarily new, but most of them are fairly recent.

Bodies of Water – Gold, Tan, Peach & Grey

Let’s start with the oldest song in the bunch. According to my files I got this song some time in 2008 and I love the mixture of harmonies at the beginning that changes into some more upbeat and uptempo verses to ultimately climax of the chorus where everyone is just belting out at the top of their lungs. Love the contrast and it definitely throws you off guard on a first listen. It takes some time to appreciate it.

Bleeding Heart Narrative – Not the Bees my Eyes

Eclectic mix of electro repetitiveness, with some shoegaze elements, while also throwing in some guitar riffs and catchy rhythms. This song builds up as it goes along and reminds me of those sentences you used to pass on as a game as a child: more and more gets added till at the end you get something muddled and incomprehensive.

Beataucue – Slow Down

Who’s ready for summer? Well, with this song you will be! Instant summer in a song. Think upbeat, electro indiepop with catchy vocals, rhythms that make you move no matter what and plenty of sound effects to keep it up to date and refreshing.

Birds & Batteries – Let the Door Swing

And to stick with that summery happy vibe this song is perfect. It simply makes me want to dance around the room. Again catchy, and reminiscent of something Two Door Cinema Club would do. Am I the only one listening to summery type songs when it’s freezing cold outside?

Band of Skulls – Devil Takes Care of his Own

I also tend to like a good rock song or two and I’ve currently been obsessing over this true rock ‘n roll song by Band of Skulls. It’s raw, dark and a little threatening, but the rhythm definitely takes the cake and makes the song.

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