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A bit later than anticipated perhaps, but here is the result of part two of my mega music playlist clean up. Apart from my random playlist, I keep several others, one of them is my relax playlist and this also needed a thorough sorting of what to keep and what to put into storage. Of course I encountered plenty of songs which I thought I’d share, some of which I cannot believe I hadn’t shared before. So sit back, relax and chill out, because that’s what I do when I hear these.

I apologize in advance for the messy look of this post, but there were a few songs which I simply couldn’t find in my usual spots. As relaxed as these songs are, that’s how difficult some of these proved to find. Hope you still enjoy these!

Assembly of Dog – GR & TYM

Click here to listen to the song

Unfortunately this song and its artist are so unknown that I couldn’t find a soundcloud or youtube link for it, but I think it’s too good not to share. This definitely puts the ‘chill’ in the chillwave and this slow cobbling song works on me like a lullaby. If you want to download this you’ll have to download BIRP’s September 2011 playlist, which you can do by clicking here.

Cemeteries – Summer Smoke

Slow, meandering and slightly surfy, this song sounds exactly like its title. Like a smoky haze that covers you like a blanket of calm. MMMmmmm.

Hollow Pigeons – Akumu

Click here to download & listen to the song

Much more oriented on repetitive beats, this ambient song is apparently composed by a 15 year-old! How awesome is that? It’s the repetitiveness here, combined with the morphed sound effects in the background that give this song its soothing character.

Swarms – I gave you everything

Drum & bass type beats, a good build up and loopy vocals: and still this song is super relaxed to listen to. Precisely because of that mix.

Robin Thicke – Stupid Things (Live)

Can you say heaven in a song? Amazing man, amazing voice, amazing lyrics. I do have to say that I like this version much better than the original album version. It’s much more subdued and toned down. Love love love the smoothness of his voice.

Nordic Giants – Shine (ft. Cate Ferris)

Piano music, if it’s not too quick and tinkering, is extremely soothing and relaxing. This song is a great example. The cute, held back vocals add just that other layer needed to give this song all the qualities it needs to be deemed a lullaby.

DJ Deathray – Lick

Droning, dark beats with a haunting melody and matching vocals. This song is like a noise block for your brain. If you have a hard time clearing your mind, listen to this and I’m sure it can drown out anything that keeps you occupied.

Moonface – Headed for the door

This song is slightly more a throw back to the 80s with a bit of a new wave vibe, but it also reminds me of something The Editors might do. Starts of kind of slow and uninteresting but ends up building up into a fully orchestrated wall of sound.

Explosions in the Sky – Lonely Train

Score music. That is what this reminds me of. It’s very similar to some of the songs on the Remember Me score which has some magical music in it. This is more guitar driven. Keeps you wondering where it’s going, without actually going there. Like an actual lonely train.

Lowsun & Miyuki – Just Leave

I hope you’re into yoga, because this is the type of music you listen to when you’re trying to meditate. Just stick it on a loop and you’re good to go. And I mean when it’s part of a compilation which is called Chilled Out Panda… Kudos for that!

School of Seven Bells – Show Me Love

You know that Robin S. song? It has a bit of a throwback to that in the intro, but other than that it’s a completely new song. A guitar riff that lingers in the background and droning beats with sampled vocals. This again sounds like it was stolen from some sort of soundtrack. If it hasn’t been used like that already, it definitely should be anywayz!

UNKLE – With you in my head (ft. The Black Angels)

Last but not least, a song that was actually on a soundtrack. The Twilight Eclipse soundtrack that is. Dark, mysterious and anxious, I simply love listening to this when I’m on a train while it’s pouring with rain outside. Or when I’m walking down the street. Or when I’m trying to get something out of my head. It’s perfect for any moment you just want to block out the real world for 5 minutes.

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