Music of the Moment (March 2013 #2)

Woohoo, it’s that’s time of the week again: here’s a chuck load of music again for you all to enjoy. Not too much variety this time. It’s all pretty beat heavy and electro/ chill wave influenced, although there are also some dancier type songs and even some full on R&B. Give them a listen and let me know what you think! Each song comes with a short description as per usual. Enjoy your Sunday!

Staygold – Wallpaper (ft. Style of Eye)

Cheerful & catchy song with a great beat. Now all I need is some sunshine and rising temperatures and we’re set.

Robin Thick – Blurred Lines

Another very happy song. R&B/ soul fusion by the ever talented Mr. Robin Thicke. Produced by Pharrell Williams and some rapping by T.I. The video is hilarious, copying every rap video stereotype and turning things upside down.

Beyoncé – Upgrade U ft. Jay Z

Best. Beyoncé. Track. Ever. BOOM. Great beat and girl power to the max. I know this from my hiphop classes and had completely forgotten about it until I clicked it again yesterday morning and had it instantly stuck on repeat.

Ghost Beach – Close Enough (ft. Noosa)

Beat heavy, repetitive song with a bit of an 80s vibe without it sounding dated.

Tor – Glass & Stone

Don’t let this song throw you off. Starting with a slow build up of guitar and violin this baby hits its full potential around the 50 second mark. I can hear a bit of an Arab inspired feel. By adding a nice beat and some mysterious vocals, this song is dark and not boring for a single second.

Hard Mix – The Well Chant

This is definitely on the dancier side of the specter. Nice full, heavy beats are accompanied by repetitive vocal sounds with little to no melody. Wait for the unexpected pick up of the beat around the 3 minute mark. Best description: it drones into your eardrums and stays there for a while.

Bastille – Overjoyed

Starts off being a singer songwriter type song with some piano vocals and then… the beat hits, speeds up and turns this into a chill wave song on steroids.

Everything Everything – Cough Cough

Grasps your interest right from the first note. Repetitive and rhythmically interesting this song makes me hear something different every time I listen to it. Especially listen for the bass guitar riff that supports the basic percussion rhythm: ingenious!

JMSN – Alone

Slow and the most chill wave type song today. Again great beat, but I think here the vocals are what makes the song. It’s what gives the song that bit extra that makes it interesting to listen to.

2 responses to “Music of the Moment (March 2013 #2)”

  1. Leuk leuk leuk leuk! Ik heb het lekker aan staan op de achtergrond terwijl ik onze bovenverdieping opruim haha!:D

    Als je het leuk vind, ik organiseer vandaag een linkparty op mijn blog. Dit houdt in dat je reclame mag maken voor 3 van je leukste artikelen van afgelopen week inclusief een foto en een link naar jouw blog! Tof toch :)!? Zou het leuk vinden als je mee zou doen!

    Liefs van Rosie

    • Oh ik ga even kijken 🙂 en ben blij dat je de muziekjes leuk vind. Ik heb nogal een aparte smaak wordt me vaak verteld dus dat iemand anders het ook leuk vind is altijd leuk!

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