New in: Mint green & white creepers

Oops I did it again! Buy new shoes that is. Anyone who knows me, knows that I really don’t need any more shoes, but when I see a pair that I think is unique and makes me squee with glee I can’t resist. And that was exactly what happened when I saw these puppies.

I already wrote about being obsessed with these shoes a few weeks ago, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I ended up getting them. I found them on the Urban Outfitterrs website after watching Jenn from ClothesEncounters on Youtube pair hers with different outfits. I googled them to see how much a pair would cost and where I could get them. Since Jenn bought hers from Urban Outfitters that’s the first place I looked and lo and behold. I thought that creepers only came in black, but in fact they come in a multitude of colors. The ones I got, I could ONLY find on the Urban Outfitters UK website though. I pined after them for quite some time, but once the website indicated there was only one pair left in my size I immediately snagged them up. By now there is only a size 6 and a size 8 left (UK sizes).

Creepers aren’t a brand of shoe: it’s a style. In fact, several brands make them and mine are by Underground (together with TUK they seem to be the main manufacturers). My creepers are the single sole (so 4 cm) Wulfrun style creepers. Above you can see a picture of the box it came in. Delivery was super fast. I ordered them on a Tuesday and the package arrived 2 days later. Shipping was free as I spent more than €100.

Now I know that Creepers aren’t for everyone. In fact when I first saw these type of shoes I thought they looked hideous. But that was until I saw them in this color. The standard black makes it look too goth or punk rock to me, but in the mint green and white I think they look much more fresh and girly. I’m thinking pastel colored socks and these shoes with skirts, dresses or pants for spring and summer would be perfect! Plus these shoes are flat, 100% leather and super duper comfy. It’s the best of both worlds (style & comfort). Let’s have a closer look!

Top view

The sole – nice & thick

Some details

My reasons for loving these so much:

  1. The color: mint green is great for spring/ summer!
  2. Silver hardware.
  3. It’s a sturdy shoe and super comfy. The minute I tried these on I didn’t want to take them off
  4. Shoes are true to size.
  5. They’re leather, which means they’ll last.
  6. The suede like finish of the leather.
  7. The tough & girly look combined into one shoe.
  8. The retro feel of these. Creepers were introduced in the 50s and became a big part of Mod Culture in the 60s and Punk in the 70s.
  9. And yet they are still modern because of the color and the crispy white details.

I’m very curious to see how these will hold up once I start wearing them. Because even though I’ve had them for a while now I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. I blame the weather for this. Until last week we had snow and sleet and I don’t want to ruin them the first time I wear them. So here’s to hoping the weather will change for the better soon so I can start wearing them full throttle. Rest assured that you will get to see these shoes on my feet some time in the future of this blog.

What do you think of my latest purchase?

10 responses to “New in: Mint green & white creepers”

  1. Super gaaf vind ik deze :D!

    Mijn linkparty doet het weer dus als je het leuk vind om mee te doen, GEZELLIG :D!

    xo Rosie

    • Nee dit soort schoenen moet je van houden. Was gisteren ff een half uurtje blokkie rond en had ze aan gedaan. De halve stad staarde naar mijn schoenen. hahha

  2. Hi! I want to get these exact shoes except the white soles and laces would be black, but I have no idea what to wear with them (high school appropriate). Do you have any ideas? Thanks ~

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