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MAC Cosmetics is a make up brand known for their range of lipsticks, frequent limited edition collections and for me: eyeshadow. As an eyeshadow junkie I quickly knew that I wanted to make a MAC eyeshadow palette. I took about 1.5 years to get it all together and start using everything. By now I can say which ones are my favorites and quite a few of my favorite MAC eyeshadows aren’t much talked about. To me, these underrated babies are as good as some of the more hyped about shades that MAC does. Here are 4 shades that are my personal favorites which not everyone knows about.

Here they are: Shale, Arena, Retrospeck, Green Smoke

I can see why these shades aren’t the first ones anyone would pick. They aren’t exactly the ones that will jump out at you when you stand in front of the display. All of them are fairly middle of the road at first glance and the colors aren’t too out there. However, that is the beauty of these shades: they are very neutral shades that go with everything.

Some close ups (clockwise from left top): shale, arena, retrospeck, green smoke

  1. Shale is a satin finish eyeshadow. It’s a toned down mauve color with a subtle shimmer. This can go all over the lid or in the crease, lower lash. It’s so versatile.
  2. Arena has a satin finish as well. This golden peachy color is perfect as a neutral all over the lid shade with a minimal amount of shimmer.
  3. Retrospeck is a lustre and shimmery golden color. I love this as my inner color highlight.
  4. Green smoke is also a lustre. It’s a golden olive shade with loads of shimmer. I prefer using this in my crease or to make a subtle green smokey eye.

Here are some swatches:

Swatches: shale, retrospeck, arena, green smoke

As you can see Retrospeck is the sheerest color. This is fairly common for lustre shades. With this color I don’t mind it. Like I said above I prefer using this in my inner corner as a highlight or as a sheer wash of shimmer over the lid to give matte shades a bit more oomph. My favorite combination are arena and shale. These two shades, with Arena on the lid and Shale in the crease, make for a great every day look which is very wearable. Green smoke, being a lustre like retrospeck, is also on the sheer side, but is easy to build up in intensity.

And that is exactly why these shades need to get some more recognition: they are great for every day looks. Plus they are versatile and easy to combine with other shades. Arena is neutral enough to go with browns, blacks, purples, greys and brighter colors. Shale goes great with other purple-y shades such as Blackberry, Starviolet or Sketch. Retrospeck goes with well… everything. Green Smoke I usually pair with Woodwinked, Patina or Satin Taupe. Overall, great eyeshadows. It’s a pity that these don’t get raved about more.

Did you know any of these yet?

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