What I eat #5

It took some time again to gather sufficient pictures for a what I eat, but since I’m home less it’s more difficult to get a greater variety of meals into my week, which means I can take fewer pictures. But naturally I’ve been eating food these past 2 weeks and so here’s a new post for you to enjoy. My breakfast is probably getting a bit boring, as I only have a handful of meals that I like to eat in the morning. However, I’ve also experimented a bit with vegan chocolate fudge, lentils, green smoothies and raw zucchini.

Hope you enjoy!


Banana pancakes with blackberries

These paleo pancakes are all the rage right now and I see many people making these. I like mine light and fluffy (I use a wand blender), with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon and some fruit on the side. I love to have red fruits with it such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries but since these aren’t in season, they are hard to get fresh. Luckily they also sell these frozen. I simply defrost some that I left from my smoothie making efforts and add them on my plate.

Can you spot the difference between these two? This what I meant when I said this is probably getting boring. My go to breakfast before I go to work consists of full fat yoghurt, kiwi fruit, flax seeds, agave nectar and superfoodmix (with incaberries, mulberries, cranberries, raw cashew nuts and goji berries). But the other week I decided to mix it up and add some popped amaranth again. And I do change up my condiments ever so often and also the type of yoghurt sometimes changes. I also really like Greek yoghurt, raisins, banana, chocolate sprinkles and an array of nuts to add to my yoghurt. The only constant is yoghurt and flax seeds for added fiber.


Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, olive, goat’s cheese & pine nut salad

cucumber, red onion, zucchini, bell pepper, cashew nut salad

I had envisioned this with spinach, but my fresh spinach went bad before I could use it for making a salad. I still had some zucchini lying about and so decided to try it. And it worked. I actually liked having zucchini this way. It’s a bit bland on its own, but I found it nicely balanced out the more outspoken flavor of the red onion.

Blackberry/ strawberry protein shake (with banana, a splash of milk and honey)

If your smoothie is big and thick enough and you add additional protein powder, I have found that a large serving of this is as satisfying and fulfilling as a salad or any other lunch option. I really love smoothies and I love how it allows me to vary my meals more.

If you’re curious as to which protein powder I use: I use the Hemp protein powder from De Tuinen.

Mango/ spinach protein shake (with banana, a splash of milk, and honey)

My first green smoothie!! And it was a success. I used frozen spinach for this and I have already purchased other veggies to try out such as broccoli and zucchini.

Rye bread with raw ham, cumin cheese and cucumber

A very Dutch lunch: bread with ham and cheese :-). I don’t eat bread too much, so when I do I do want to make it something good. This was an absolute treat to my taste buds.


Gluten free penne pasta with home made green pesto, cashew nuts and rhubarb

I love pasta and it’s the only thing I regret not being able to eat much anymore. I found this gluten/ wheat free at my local supermarket and was itching to try it. I seem to agree better with this than the spelt pasta I tried before.

Green pesto is super easy to make and so delicious. Only disadvantage is that you have to kill an entire plant of basil to make a fair amount. Rhubarb is my favorite summer veggie and even though this may seem healthy it actually isn’t because I sweetened it with sugar, but I truly enjoy that lovely reddish color and I added some raspberries for some added flavor, so it’s not all bad.

Lightly spiced lentil, fennel, bacon stew

I heard so many things about lentils that I had become curious enough to try them. I decided to add fennel and some bacon for some more flavor and a bunch of spices (such cumin, coriander and cajun pepper) to make it all come together. It was good flavor and texture wise, but I’m not exactly sure my stomach liked this all that much.

Scrambled eggs with cream cheese, spinach, parsley, red bell pepper and chives

The secret for tasty omelets is to add cream cheese. The only problem is that when you add too much your omelet will become difficult to flip over. That’s what happened here, but I knew not all was lost and I simply turned it into a scrambled eggs dish. Problem solved.

Homemade sushi

I was having a bit of a crappy week last week, so I decided that I was gonna treat myself to some delicious and good food over the weekend. I decided to make sushi (my favorite food!). I made avocado/ mango maki, cucumber/cream cheese maki, salmon/cucumber maki and I also changed things up and made my favorite maki roll: with salmon on the outside and some cream cheese and cucumber in the middle. This made two servings.


Banana/ oat cookies with chocolate sprinkles and cinnamon

I don’t think you can call these things cookies. Granola bars is a better name for them. Delicious they are nonetheless. And filling. I had a few of these as a snack one day, but the next day I simply took them to work as lunch. I want to try making these with raisins some time this or next week.

Banana protein shake

I made a small protein shake to have with dinner before working out. Let me tell you that I love using the hemp protein powder in my more elaborate shakes. Straight up with just a banana to add some flavor this tasted horrible. The hemp gives the shake a grainy texture, as if you’ve mixed fine sand with water and you’re drinking that. So I won’t be making this any time soon again.

Vegan chocolate fudge (both pictures, only bottom topped with coconut sprinkles)

The minute I saw the recipe for this single-serve raw vegan chocolate fudge, I knew I had to try it. It’s quick and easy to make, provided you are patient enough while this is sitting in your freezer to settle. Other than that it’s foolproof and utterly delicious. It melts quickly though so the minute you take it out of your freezer you have to eat it. You can find the recipe on Detoxinista.com.

That’s it! Roughly all different meals I had over the course of the past 2 weeks or so. What have you been eating?

13 responses to “What I eat #5”

  1. Ziet er allemaal erg goed uit! Ik eet zelf ook volgens het paleo principe, en zo clean mogelijk. Fijne inspiratie! Liefs

    • Thanks! Ik eet alleen niet volgens het paleo dieet. 😉 Ik doe paleo waar nodig: als ik een vervangend recept nodig heb. Maar eet vooral zo min mogelijk koolhydraten in de vorm van pasta, brood, rijst en aardappelen (soort van lowcarb), zo min mogelijk vlees, met een vleugje paleo en een zweempje veganistisch.

      Ik zou nooit 1 leer aan kunnen hangen omdat je dan al snel niet de voedingsstoffen binnenkrijgt die je nodig hebt als je net zoals ik een drukke baan hebt, met equo sociaal leven en 4 – 6 x per week sport.

      Veel succes met clean en paleo eten en blij dat ik je inspiratie kan geven.

    • Dat zijn wel de meest intensieve recepten denk ik omdat je bij sushi rijst moeten koken en af laten koelen en vanalles moet snijden. Het rollen zelf is maar 10 minuutjes werk. De koekjes zijn heel simpel te maken (minuutje of 10) maar moeten wel nog 20 minuten in de oven en afkoelen.

      Dus ja: het kost tijd. Maar dan heb je ook wat. Ik ben iets langer bezig om een salade te maken dan een boterham te smeren, maar dat heb ik er eerlijk gezegd wel voor over. En een yoghurtje met een kiwi (die ik uitlepel, niet pel en dan snijd) en wat noten is net zo snel als een yoghurtje met muesli.

      Dingen die echt werk kosten maak ik over het algemeen in het weekend, ‘s avonds of op mijn vrije dag. Als je die tijd er in stopt krijg je dat terug door een lekkere voedzame maaltijd. Ik krijg er een kick van als ik een half uur ergens mee bezig ben geweest en het is dan super lekker. Veel meer satisfying dan een snelle hap.

  2. I love your food logs, they inspire me. I might try something like the oat cookies.

    I want to try mango smoothie, but I’m thinking of buying already prepared mango and freezing it. I’m so loving my smoothies, I easily get my 5 a day in one smoothie now.

    I cannot eat rhubarb without sugar it’s just so sour.

      • No. Only fruits you can buy frozen here are: Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Cherries (tho they don’t take the stones out so I’m not sure I see the point!) And then a “forest fruits selection” and a “summer fruits selection”. Basically… berries!

        I’ll try it. When I get some mango.

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