Spring/ summer 2013 shoplog: wardrobe update

Are you ready? Well I know I am! The best way to introduce this post is by telling you to grab a cup of tea and get comfy, because you’re going to be here a while. I already mentioned in my 2 previous shoplogs (here and here) that I did quite a bit of shopping since February and that I simply wanted to share what I bought. So that’s what I’m doing today. In the past 4 months, I went shopping in Amsterdam, The Hague, Manchester and Birmingham and also got some bits and bobs via the Interwebs. I hope you enjoy this post and enjoy your weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bikinis and bottoms:

You can’t have summer without a bikini and on a rare chance I found not one, but two bikinis which fit really well and a second pair of shorts to go with a bikini top which I purchased last year. Bikinis are so hard to come that fit me well and are comfortable to wear as well. So I couldn’t pass these up.

I already mentioned before that there is a theme to these shoplogs when it comes to certain trends and colors and for my bottoms it’s the monochrome trend that predominates. I tend to wear mostly black skirts and these printed versions were all great additions to my wardrobe.

Red & white polka dot retro style bikini (Asos)

White & black swallow print skater skirt (H&M)

Bright colored striped bikini bottoms (H&M)

Cream & black polka dot textured circle skirt (Primark)

Black & white checkered a-line skirt (Zara)

White lace shorts (H&M)

Black & white band faux leather circle skirt (River Island)

Black, blue and purple floral print bikini (H&M)

Button down shirts & other tops:

If you hadn’t noticed my love for button down shirts yet, you will now. In the past I wore tons of t-shirts, but those are slowly but surely being replaced by button down shirts. I have quite a few already, but with this season came some new colors and other interesting variations. On top of that, I had been wanting a white button down for ages, but couldn’t find the right one and then of course I found not one, but three. Excuse the wrinkles in some of these, but I already wore most of the items you see here and it all came straight out of the wash when I took the pictures.

Sleeveless white button down (H&M)

Sheer apricot cotton blouse (H&M)

Black & white chunky stripe button down shirt (Monki)

Lavendar purple oversized button down (American Apparel)

White chiffon button down with black contrast collar (Zara)

Off white button down shirt with zig zag collar (H&M)

Red sheer button down with 90s knot (Forever 21)

Lilac sleeveless shirt with lace bib detail (H&M)

Yellow lace blazer (Vila)

Cream kimono style blazer with Japanese print (Zara)


I love adore dresses. I already went a bit ‘dress crazy’ in winter, but of course dresses are also great items for spring and summer. I had a bunch of dresses which I wasn’t wearing anymore, because they weren’t very appropriate for work, they were old or I disliked the style. So I got rid of a bunch of them. Add to that the fact that I look best in a dress and you have a very good reason to stock up on more current styles. I think pretty much every style is represented here: from monochrome to neon, from pastels to florals, from lace to studs and everything in between.

Blue, green & yellow skater dress (H&M Trend)

White and black polka dot skater dress (H&M)

Rosy pink lace skater dress (with low back – not pictured) (New Yorker)

Neon coral/ orange skater dress with see through details and cut out in the back (New Yorker)

Royal blue dress with dip neckline in the back (H&M)

Mint green textured skater dress (H&M)

Light blue daisy print dress (Forever 21)

Black studded dress with dip hemline (New Yorker)

Apricot button down shirt dress (H&M)

Lemon yellow dress (H&M)

White & blue ‘delftware inspired’ skater dress (Forever 21)

Red floral skater dress (Forever 21)

Lilac lace dress (H&M)

Red tiered bottom dress with singed waist (H&M)

Leopard print bodycon dress (H&M)

White lace t-shirt (H&M)

Disclaimer: (as always) Do I need all this stuff? No. Why do I spend so much money? Because I can. Why did you shop so much? Because I felt like seriously rewarding myself with pretty things after: a) losing some weight, b) feeling better after weeks of stomachaches and sleepless nights, c) saving up money to pay off my student loan. Need more info? Read this post.

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