Music of the Moment (June 2013 #1)

Music, oh sweet music! Oh how thee make the world go round. At least mine that is. I am still stuck on listening to some old favorites, but in the pile of music that is my playlist I did discover a few new gems. Think a little bit of instrumental cuteness, combined with indie dance pop and electro craze. In any case: it will be a musical frame for your Sunday.

Hundred Waters – Hydrodictyon

A mindboggling title and a quite cobbling song with a jazzy vibe. I’m think long summer nights and cocktails on the beach when I here this. It at least makes the sun shine despite all the dreary weather we’ve been getting.

D33J – Drowning Pools

Not such a new song afterall, but I only found it just now. Slow thumping beats and repetitive guitar riffs that built up to a nice relaxed vibe. A bit of chillwave and a bit of electro makes this a great song for summer.

Robin Schulz – Same (Original Mix)

A dance track, though not a super hefty one. Again this is quite relaxed and laid back with jazzy vibes combined with a good steady beat that makes you want to strut your stuff.

Prodigy – Firestarter (Base Addiction Remix)

Guess where I found this baby? Yep in my Bodycombat class, where else would I come across a track like this. This remix is a bit edgier than the original (which yes, is possible). It’s mainly a tad faster and has a more polished feel to it.

Tor – Glass & Stone

What starts off as a mysterious song that invokes dreary rainy days, this song settles for a steady beat with an Arabic vibe to it. It’s again a very calm and relaxed song (hm, must be my search for peace of mind that comes into play in this post) which is easy to unwind to after a long day.

Coma – Hoooooray

To finish off I have an indie electro track for you which I’ve been listening to on repeat on and off. It’s quite repetitive, but catchy at the same time and it just puts a smile on my face. Again quite a relaxed vibe here and also quite summery. Noticing the pattern here?

Have a great day! (And if you would like to share some of your favorite songs then please do leave a comment below. I love getting new input.)

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