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So I’ve decided that what I need for the new season is a new winter coat. I know it’s only August. But with fall fashion entering stores and winter coats best bought early in the season I’ve decided to keep an eye out. There’s a few things I want: it needs to be long, at least 50% wool, priced between 50 – 100 euros, and preferably in a fun print or color. I already scoured a few websites and found a few that I like. So I thought I’d share and ask your opinion: which of these 10 coats would you pick?

Here’s what I’ve already done:

  • Each coat pretty much fits with my demands stipulated above: they are long (well most of them), consist of at least 50% wool and fit in my budget
  • I’m wanting a new coat to replace a red duffel coat that I’ve had for years and has started to fall apart. I could still wear it if I have to, but it is definitely at the end of its tether.

On to the coats!

1. Houndstooth coat (ZARA)

2. Red woolen straight coat (ZARA)

1. This coat has everything I want. My only concern? The low neckline. I know I can cover that with a thick scarf, but I spend my winters waiting hours on cold, windy train platforms. So a higher neckline is preferred.\
2. The color is pretty much like the one I already have. Still a bit open at the top and I’m also concerned about it having no closure till the bottom of the coat.

3. White duffel coat (H&M)

4. Peach over sized coat (ASOS)

3. This coat resembles my current one best, apart from the color. My current coat is also from H&M and pretty much the same style as this one. The white color is a bit questionable. White usually washes me out, but this seems more like light grey on my screen. Will have to see this in person I guess.

4. Over sized coats are THE trend this coming season. I just think that I will drown in this and also the color is a bit meh. The peter pan color and fuzzy look of this drew me in though. It looks so warm and cozy!

5. Herring bone print coat (Vero Moda)

6. Burgundy biker coat (New Look)

5. I really like this print. Plus I like the concealed closure (= extra warmth) and the collar. Not sure about it being long enough though. Maybe my being short can help here.

6. Burgundy is my favorite fall color. I own a lot of burgundy items: from shoes, pants, dresses to tops and sweaters. Not sure about the overall look of this though. The zipper closure on the front looks a bit cheap as does the faux leather detailing.

7. Burgundy over coat (ASOS)

8. Beige trench coat (ASOS)

7. I adore this burgundy coat. It give a warm cozy feel, I love the color and it’s long and the closure looks promising. Only one problem: last time I checked ASOS this coat was gone so I’m guessing it sold out. 🙁

8. Now a trench coat isn’t very winter-y but it is a wardrobe staple. It’s a style I simply love to look at but with my busty build a difficult item to shop for. That’s why I don’t have one yet. Maybe I buy it big enough so I can layer 3 sweaters underneath I could make it work?

9. Dark grey lammy moto jacket (ZARA)

10. Grey & black long coat (ZARA)

9. Not a long coat, but I do really like this style. I’m just wondering how much of the lining will actually be made out of this soft sheer skin looking material. If the entire jacket is lined with it I’m sure it will be warm enough.

10. This long grey coat is one of those items of which I think: could look drab, could look fabulous. Again meant to look long and a tad oversized, the color is what sets me back most. Grey is so boring and I already have a grey winter coat.

What do you think? Which coat should I go for?

3 responses to “Warm winter coats”

  1. Ah nummer 7 vind ik geweldig! Altijd lastig hoor een nieuwe jas, maar deze is netjes, stoer, lang en tijdloos. En die lage kraag: in de winter draag je vaak toch een sjaal? 😉

    Ben benieuwd welke jas t wordt!

  2. Nummer 3 vind ik het mooiste, die zou ik zelf ook nog overwegen (al is wit niet echt een geschikte kleur voor mij, wordt zo gauw vies). Sowieso zou ik voor een getailleerd model gaan, want dat vind ik VEEEELLL mooier.

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