Collective fall/ winter shoplog: Asos, Mango, Zara, H&M, Costes & more

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The weather has only just started to turn, but I have already managed to upgrade my wardrobe for the colder months to come. This collective shoplog combines all the trends I’m loving for fall/ winter 2013-2014 and I am currently loving what’s in stores. So there’s a lot to share. I just tend to love fall fashion as it allows for layers, colors that suit me best and because I find it the most flattering. As usual, I didn’t buy all of this in one go, but I have been accumulating bits and pieces since as early as July. And for those of you wondering: yes, I did manage to find a new winter coat that fits all my demands. Oh and you’ll see I’ve acquired quite the appetite for skirts and sweaters too. My advice to you? Sit back, relax, grab a cuppa, because you’re in for a long blog post.

Camel colored wool winter coat with tweed lining (ZARA)

Let’s start with my most important and most expensive item: my new winter coat. It suits all my needs: it’s 53% wool on the outside (plus it has additional acrylic and woolen fibers in the lining too), it’s not grey or black, has a high collar, a hood, and pockets! It’s not too baggy, but a little bit tailored, but fits roomy enough that I can still layer or wear thicker sweaters underneath. I love the look of what I would like to call ‘teddy bear’ material: it reminds me of an old rugged teddy bear skin. Plus I love that tweed lining. That adds a nice detail. Oh and it fit right into my budget as it cost 99.95.

Beige/ oatmeal colored loose knit sweater (H&M)

Black & white leopard print cropped sweater (H&M)

I did a thorough clean up of my stack of sweaters during my summer vacation. I do this before every new season: go through my seasonal items and purge. Not in the first place to get rid of styles I’m not so much interested in anymore. So I needed to get some new ones, that fit my tastes a bit better. I had a few wishes: get an oatmeal colored one, get one in a color I didn’t have yet and get a fun printed one. And as you can see in this picture and the one below: mission accomplished. I got the cropped sweater a size bigger than needed, but that’s because I liked it to fit a bit baggier.

Black quilted look sweater (River Island)

Dusty rose loose knit sweater (H&M)

It’s not that I don’t have enough black sweaters yet, but I thought the quilted look of this one made it special enough, yet still basic so it will last me until the new season. The dusty rose one ticks of the ‘color which I don’t have yet’ wish.

Grey t-shirt with faux leather sleeves (ONLY)

Tie dye circle scarf (gift free with purchase from Costes)

Faux leather is all the rage now and I loved how this simple grey T is upgraded by the leather details. And t-shirt wise the color I wear the most is grey, so I’m sure to be getting tons of usage out of this one.

Oatmeal ‘hairy’ knit batwing sleeve cardigan (River Island)

Navy blue long knit cardigan (VILA)

A wardrobe staple for me for fall/winter are cardigans. Thrown over a dress and paired with tights they allow you to wear dresses, t-shirts and button up blouses pretty much year round. So now I am not only the proud owner of an oatmeal colored sweater, but also an oatmeal colored cardigan. Navy blue was another color I didn’t own yet.

Burgundy, light pink & cream floral print trousers (H&M)

Dark grey leggings with faux leather details (H&M)

I already own a pair of black floral print trousers, but I thought adding a lighter based version would make a nice addition. As for the leggings: I have a similar pair of burgundy leggings from last year’s collection and knew these would be comfy.

Black faux leather biker style pencil skirt (ONLY)

Black & speckled grey pencil skirt (H&M)

Ready for skirts galore? Because it’s starting right about now. Pencil skirts have quickly become my favorite this season. It all started with the skirt on the right. I think they look classy and can be styled in different ways: with a sweater for a more casual vibe, with a blouse for more of a preppy one. Add some tights and a good pair of heels and you have a killer outfit.

Burgundy dress with cap sleeves and buttons off center (Mint & Berry via Zalando)

Forest green retro style midi swing skirt (ASOS)

A burgundy dress was something I also had added to my wishlist for fall/ winter. I bought one from H&M over summer, but it is sleeveless which doesn’t make it very suitable for the colder weather. I fell in love when I saw this one online: it’s simple, yet the buttons set to the side make the dress a bit more special. And what can I say about that green skirt: perfection all the way through. It reaffirms my believes that my body was made for 50s fashion!

Velvet biker jacket (H&M)

I love the biker jacket trend. But I already have a faux leather one and I can tell you: they do not make for great layering. Outerwear: fine. But not indoors. Not for me anyway. This velvet jacket is the perfect go-between. It is still giving off that biker look, but the velvet material makes it much more appropriate for wearing as a blazer or instead of a cardigan.

Bright colored geometric patterned galaxy print pencil skirt (ASOS)

Woah! Color! But that’s exactly the point. I have plenty of black skirts, but my colored and printed skirts are a bit behind on schedule. Then I found this color explosion with cosmic print details. Not sure yet how I will wear this. It’s very highwaisted and nice and stretchy. Maybe I can pair it with the black sweater I showed above, or my grey boyfriend sweater that I’ve had for years?

Black & white houndstooth/ pied de poule printed a line skirt (Costes)

Dark grey skater skirt made out of wetsuit material with laser cut outs (H&M)

While shopping in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this new store I had never heard of before: Costes. Apparently I was in luck: the store had opened just that day and I got the scarf you see above free with purchase. It’s a very affordable brand and I love this print. I also own a pair of shoes and a dress with a similar look and I think it’s very winter appropriate and a classy, timeless item. The other skirt is simply super flattering on and I love the laser cut outs.

Fall colored digital printed pencil skirt (H&M)

This skirt is super duper tight and fits like a glove. What drew me in were the colors. I wasn’t too sure about the print until I put it on. What’s even better: I bought this at my local H&M for 5 euros. But I found it in the online store at full price weeks later. From a distance the colors blend nicely together and it reminds me a bit of a peacock´s feathers.

Watercolor printed multicolor bomber style jacket with stitching (ZARA)

On to two of my favorite items I purchased: bomber jackets. This one is particularly colorful and could easily be a spring/ summer item as well. Great for that pop of color and I love how it looked on. Blazers and jackets are hard for me to find as I am quite busty and wide-shouldered so they never fit right. This one is right on the money though and I like wearing brights during the darker months: lights up anyone’s day.

Jacquard woven cream bomber jacket with floral print, lace and faux leather details (Mango)

I first saw this jacket when I was shopping in Amsterdam. But the M looked quite big on me and made me look super bulky. So I decided against it. Couldn’t get it out of my head though, so I took the plunge and ordered it online in a size smaller. And yup: that fits perfectly. I love how the color is muted, yet still is a pop of color. The lace makes an otherwise tough looking bomber jacket so much more feminine and the cream faux leather details on the collar, cuffs and hemline help the jacket to retain its shape.

Black cut out ankle boots (New Look)

Burgundy patent leather t-bar strap heeled mary jane sandals (ZARA)

Black Chelsea boots (H&M)

Last but not least: shoes! You knew those were coming right?! The New Look booties are very trendy right now and I like the buckle detail. They are also comfy to boot which is complete win-win. The ZARA heels were love at first sight and luckily they fit (most ZARA shoes are too narrow for me). They are very retro inspired which is why I love them. And finally! Chelsea boots! After 2 years of looking for a pair that wouldn’t break the bank I found them at H&M.

So that’s it! I’m sure I’ll be buying more bits and pieces before winter finally hits. For one, I want to get another two pairs of shoes: a pair of Clarks desert boots and a pair of low Doc Marten’s. But those are both quite big expenses to make. With a new coat, of course comes a new scarf, so I’ll be on the hunt for that next. As well as a bright red a-line skirt. And I have this grand idea of shopping less at H&M. I think 75% of my closet is from there, so it’s time to add some different flavors into the mix.

Q: What are your favorite fall/ winter trends this year? Which item did you like best?

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  1. Eline Avatar

    Wauw, wat een leuke dingen, vooral je jas is leuk!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Dank je! Ik ben er heel blij mee.

  2. Simone Diederich Avatar

    Dat leren rokje is leuk, ik hou van leer ^^

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ik heb ook een aantal items in de kast liggen. Ideaal voor de herfst.

  3. Karin Avatar

    Leuke shoplog! Ik vind alledrie de paar schoenen erg mooi! Ook de Black & speckled grey pencil skirt en de truien zijn leuk 🙂 Krijg meteen zin om winterkleding te gaan shoppen haha

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ik vind de mode van dit moment super. Ik kan mn lol op.

  4. miesssss Avatar

    Wat een leuke aankopen! Ik vind je jas erg leuk 🙂

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thx 🙂 Altijd fijn om een goeie winterjas te vinden.

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