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Picture time! But not just any pictures, oh no, today I’m sharing some pictures of some of my most iconic looks from childhood and my teenage years. You can see plenty of pictures of me on this blog, but none have taken you back this far. So join me as I reminisce while looking at questionable hairstyles and fashion choices. Hint: remember, I’m an 80s/90s kid.

I was a big baby. My godmother crocheted this dress for me and I only wore it once: Christmas 1984. One of my childhood keepsakes, a baby doll named Miep, is still wearing it.

With my parents. I was a stubborn child and apparently already knew what I wanted to wear from an early age. I’m probably around 2 years old here. I’ve been told that that sweater was my favorite sweater. I dubbed it the PEEW-sweater and it was all I wanted to wear.

I should be around 2-3-ish here. My grandma made me that sweater (don’t you just like that friendly looking mouse?) and notice how I have a bit of shirt collar popping out? Not to mention that awesome pair of 80s headphones. Even my obsession with music started at an early age πŸ˜‰

With my little brother for an official photo op. I’m 4 years old here, it was taken during my first year in kindergarten. I still remember that dress, the haircut not so much though… My mom told me she had it cut after I kept crying whenever she tried combing it.

My 6th or 7th birthday with my mom to the left and my grandma, blowing out candles. My mom made me that dress. I was all about dresses that flared up when I spun around at this age. Guess what I’m still loving and secretly always do in a changing room whenever I try on dresses and skirts? Yep…

All dolled up for my 8th birthday. I’m wearing my communion dress which I had earlier that year. My mom made this one too and used a pattern which she ordered from England. I looked like a little porcelain doll and with the wavy, frizzy hair (I had slept with braids the night before) I felt every bit the birthday girl.

When I was 8, I joined the local Carnaval group and joined the dance/ cheerleading team. As you can see I was not only the youngest one, but also the shortest. The colors were very much ‘of the time’ with bright neons and purple.

9 years-old. School picture. I’d love to still have that sweater if it would fit and notice another change in hairstyle. Yep, I’m sporting a snazzy little bob. Oh and do you see those legwarmers and it also looks as if I’m wearing leggings as pants. Trendsetter, right there πŸ˜‰

Fast forward a few years and you have me as a 12-going-on-13 year-old. This was taken on a schooltrip to Amsterdam at the end of my freshmen year in highschool. Braces, a bugs bunny cap and a bugs bunny sweater. I just loved bugs bunny at the time. The sweater was 5 sizes too big for me. Again, my love for bulky, lumpy, oversized sweaters goes back a long time.

Saving the best for last! Here I’m 16 or 17 years old, with my friends at a mutual friend’s party in a big tent in an open field in the middle of absolute nowhere. Fashion wise there is just so much going on here… Tie dye shirt, a million necklaces (and bracelets if you look careful enough), a bindhi on my forehead, not to mention short, short hair. I cut my hair when I was 14. Some girls wear belly-button crop tops in their teens. I cut my hair and wore excessive amounts of jewelry.

Which look is your favorite? πŸ˜‰

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  1. Ohhh wat leuk om te zien! Ik vind het altijd zo maf om te realiseren hoe snel mode eigenlijk verandert, ik vraag me af wat eventuele toekomstige kindjes van de jaren ’90 looks gaan vinden… hahaha! Ik vind de truien die je draagt (foto met koptelefoon en derde foto van onderen) wel echt amaaazing, maar ik ben dan ook een truiengek… en die laatste foto, oh my!!! πŸ˜€

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