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Nail time! For a few weeks in November, I decided to take proper care of my nails. Ever since last winter, my nails had been so dry and brittle. They just kept on breaking and it seemed as if wearing nail polish only made things worse. So when I was at the drugstore, buying nail polish, the store clerk recommended using the Trind Nail Strengthener in addition to the Trind Nail Balm I already owned for two weeks. I have tried these things in the past and they never worked, so I was skeptical to say the least. But lo and behold: my nails grew hard and strong and can withstand dish washing and showers without too much problems. So it was time that I polished my nails again and this is what I did:

Holding Miss Sporty 328

I paired my indigo Miss Sporty 328 polish with a blue sparkling nail polish with a sheer blue base by L’Oreal Color Riche in Bling Bling. The latter is part of L’Oreal’s Christmas nail polishes and I’ve been loving quite a few of these. It’s a fairy chunky glitter that gives your nails a slightly frosted finish: as if your nails are embellished with blue dried up snowflakes. Me likes!

I think the indigo base color gives the blue glitter that extra pop of color, lifting it from an ordinary blue to a more purple tone which is one of my favorite colors to wear. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the purple hue unless the picture was slightly out of focus (I swear, accurately capturing nail polish colors on film is a feat!), so the best idea you’ll get of what it actually looked liked is in the bottom picture in the collage above. My index finger is a bit out of focus, but that does show the color a lot more nicely than the other pics.

Holding L’Oreal Color Riche Bling Bling

As the Holiday season is upon us I will surely be wearing my glittery polishes, but I love them year round and I have been buying tons of nail polish these past few months. Now it’s a matter of wearing them and I fully intend to do so now that my nails are in a much better condition than they’ve ever been in. So hopefully I will be doing more of these posts again in the future.

What’s your favorite color of nail polish to wear?

2 responses to “NOTW: Indigo Sparkle”

  1. eleozora Avatar

    Whii blauw met glitter, mooi! Mijn favo kleurtjes zijn Deliciously Dark van Rimmel, Red Berry Smoothie van Sephora (helaas zijn de swatches op google niet echt indicatief, de ‘nieuwe’ versie is wat donkerder dan de oude in de kleine verpakking) en Do You Speak Love? van Essence, de eerste twee met Circus Confetti op m’n ringvinger en de laatste met een rode glitterlak van Catrice. ^^

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Wow klinkt mooi! Red Berry Smoothie klinkt als een geweldige lak. De naam alleen al…

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