Favorites of 2013: Fashion

2013 was not a good year for outfit posts on this space, but I hope to change that next year, if time permits. Despite that, plenty of clothes and fashion trends passed my wardrobe and style this past year. Whether it was inspired by a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit, or simply by whatever I saw in stores, I tried new things and stuck to some oldie but goodies. Today, I give you my fashion favorites of 2013.

Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

Forget Aviators. My all time favorite sunglasses are the Ray Ban Clubmaster. They keep out the pollen, shade from the sun and look nice on. A girl needs nothing else in a pair of sunglasses.

Topshop jeans: Joni (left) and Jaime (right)

This past year pants were the last thing on my mind. Until I found THE PERFECT JEANS. Times two! Both are from Topshop and I bought these last fall when I was in London. Comfort, great cut, good color, flattering fit. I need these in more colors! I’m addicted to them.

Button down shirts: Monki (left) and American Apparel (right)

An oldie but goodie: the classic button down shirt. I have so many of these now, but I just love them and keep getting more. I have an array of colors and am currently working on getting my hands on some more prints. I wear these with pants, leggings, skirts, underneath sweaters or cardigans, with dresses. A button down shirt goes with anything.

Underground mint green creepers (Urban Outfitters)

One of my most coveted buys of the year is this pair of mint green creepers. Whenever I wear them, I get comments (positive ones mostly!) or people stare. A) because they’re creepers. B) because they’re in an unusual color. I bought the last pair in my size from the UO website and even though I don’t wear them much (mint green suede in Dutch weather is not a good idea most of the time), these are some of my most prized possessions.

Dresses: magenta lace dress (Asos), dogtooth print dress (Club L), white & blue floral skater dress (Forever 21), red floral print shirt dress (Forever 21)

One fashion item I went absolutely crazy for in 2013 is a dress. And if you’ve known me for a long time, you will know that just a few years ago I swore I’d never wear one. I now own so many that they no longer fit in my closet and I had to buy a clothing rack just to fit them all. And I keep getting more. To me, the easiest way to make an outfit is to throw on a dress, tights, pair of killer heels and you’re good to go, no matter what the occasion is. Plus they transition nicely from spring into summer, into fall and into winter. All you need to do is add or remove layers depending on the temperature. <3.

Camel winter coat (Zara)

My main quest for 2013 was to find a new winter coat. I still have my old ones, but I wanted something new as those have started to fall apart. They’re okay to wear occasionally this winter, but not constantly. I bought this coat at the end of August or early September: when the weather was sweltering. Now that the weather is finally allowing me to wear it I’m happy to find I made a good buy. This coat is warm (except when there are icy cold gailforce winds), is comfy, and the deep pockets have caused me to not once wear gloves yet this winter.

H&M sweaters: oatmeal loose knit & cropped snow leopard print

Lastly, this post is closing with another winter appropriate item I’ve been loving this year: sweaters (and cardigans too)! I’ve been going sweater crazy this year. I did throw out quite a few old ones, and pretty much replaced them all by a couple of snazzy looking ones. From loose knits, to thick woolen numbers and everything in between, I made sure I got my hands on plenty of them and I’ve been wearing them like crazy (paired with my new jeans of course).

What are your favorite fashion items/ trends of 2013?

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