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Just a quick message. In case you didn’t notice yet: I picked a new theme for the blog. I think I used the old one (Blogum) for almost 2 years and I thought it was time for a change.

What I like about this theme is that it is still clean and simple and has lots of space for the content. At the same time, the side bar is a bit bigger and it has a feature to easily add buttons for social media sites. I don’t use Pinterest so that won’t be popping up any time soon. What will hopefully pop up in the next few months is a Youtube button.

That’s right! I hope to do a few videos soon and I’ve decided to make a new Youtube channel just for blog videos. However, that’s all still in its conceptual stage and I have to figure out a few things when it comes to video quality. My camera films at HD quality for some reason, after editing or uploading them to youtube I lose so much of the quality. The raw footage looks tons better than the eventual Youtube upload. So if you have any suggestions regarding editing my videos for youtube (I already Googled, but still feel a little lost) feel free to share.

What do you think? Keep this theme? Go back to the old one? Leave me a comment down below!

(The comment button can now be found at the bottom of every post!)

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