Shoplog: H&M, ASOS & Mango winter sale and spring collection

Late January, one of the best time to shop: the new spring collections are entering stores and the final sales rounds are going on. Meaning you can get your hands on some awesome deals, while shopping the latest styles at the same time. Since I’m stuck at home I am limited in my shopping endeavors though. In other words: I can only shop online or at my local stores. I had planned a shopping spree in Amsterdam during my Christmas vacation, but since I was and still am too exhausted for such an event, I took it nice and easy and picked up bits and pieces from only a few stores and mostly online. Curious to see what I got? I do hope you like jackets and dresses, because that’s the bulk of what I got.

Work out/ yoga shorts (H&M)

My favorite pants to work out in all are some form of short. I wear them year round. Handy in summer and in winter I pair them with dance tights. These are super comfy (I wore them to dance class last Wednesday) and affordable. These are from H&M’s current work out line, and available from the yoga section.

Sports bra top (H&M)

Since I am rather blessed in the cleavage department, I have to make sure I have enough support. The fact that these things are called sports bras, is a laughable fact to me. I double these over my sports bra. Extra support for the win!

Beige blazer with faux leather sleeves (H&M)

I love the blazers without lapels trend that’s going on right now. I thought this one in particular suits me nicely and even though it’s a neutral color overall, the black faux leather sleeves gives it something a bit more though, while keeping it classy.

Black blazer with cross stitch decoration (H&M)

Tons of blazers in my closet, but no dressy black blazer that does not make me look like I’m going to a funeral or a job interview (the difference is minute afterall). This blazer was on sale for 20 euros and I simply couldn’t pass it up. Fits nicely (though I had to size down!) and I am thinking this will go nice with some of my dresses.

Nude colors faux suede biker jacket (H&M)

An online purchase of which I’d hoped it could serve as a new spring/ summer jacket. I think it still can, but when I zip it up I find it a bit too short for outerwear. However, it’s perfect as a more edgy blazer, yet still girly enough (because of the color) to go with dresses and skirts.

Indigo & black genuine leather baseball jacket (Mango)

Moving on to the biggest steal in this shoplog. I found this real leather jacket (apart from the inner lining) at Mango for a mere 35 euros. I like the contrast colors, it fits and it’s warm enough to wear out and about with the current temperatures.

Burgundy button down shirt with black & burgundy double lapel (ASOS)

Coral pink button tailored down (H&M)

You know I love my button downs, and I had been wanting a burgundy one all winter. I found the perfect one at H&M, or so I thought, after weeks of waiting it finally came in the mail only to find it was tailored and I needed to up 2 sizes to make it fit. Unfortunately it had completely sold out, but then I found this one on Asos. Love it even more with the double/ contrast color lapel. And guess what? That burgundy H&M blouse? It’s on sale in different colors now and I thought this pink color simply SCREAMED spring.

Cream white dress with cut outs (River Island via Asos)

Black & white stripe fitted dress (H&M)

Dress time! Instead of treating myself to a shopping trip to Amsterdam, I treated myself to a shopping trip on Asos instead, as that is where most of these dresses come from. I just love Asos for dress shopping as they have so many brands and styles that you will always find something you’ll love. All dresses from Asos were on sale and around 20 euros each. I didn’t own a white dress yet, nor one with cut outs. So that was an easy decision. The second dress is from H&M which I saw in store, where they had sold out of my size. Luckily for me, they still had it online.

Purple/ blue daisy print fitted skater dress (New Look via Asos)

Black and white gingham print smock dress (White Pepper via Asos)

Daisy print is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine and I thought this New Look dress would go nice with that. I’m glad I got this in a size 14 as it fits like a glove and has no give whatsoever. Another print I’ve been eyeballing for months is gingham and this dress by White Pepper in particular. Priced at around 60 euros for no more than a baggy piece of cotton, I thought it too expensive until I found it in the sale. I won’t be able to wear it until summer, but I am already looking forward to it.

Orange & green floral print skater dress (Asos)

Pastel yellow/ black lace peplum dress (Traffic People via Asos)

The dress on the left looks so nice on, it’s as if it was made for me. Seriously. The pattern is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. But I love it. Looks like something straight from the 50s. And my first peplum dress has finally arrive. I tried many peplum items in the past, but none fit me nicely. Till I found this one.

Beige & black fitted dress (Mango)

Another fitted dress. I tend to buy a dress from Mango every sale season. I already own an orange lace dress, a green dress, a blue body con dress. And now this one. Very similar in style to the H&M black & white stripe one, but this one is a bit more fitted.

Cobalt blue faux suede heels (Van Haren)

Last item in this shoplog is a pair of shoes. The color is so much fun and I had gotten rid of my blue heels when I cleared out my space, because they weren’t the right color. What I wanted was a pair of bright, in your face, blue heels. And that’s just what I found.

What did you get during the winter sale?

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