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It’s almost the start of a new month and that means that I tend to restock my cupboards with foods that last me longer than a week. Especially now that I’m home, I have time for preparing meals and trying out new things. So last week I found myself going to my local organic supermarkets, health store, supermarket AND farmer’s market to get myself some food. I also bought perishables (mostly not pictured) and I don’t usually get this much, but I simply ran out of a lot of different things these past few weeks and I found new things to try. And since you all seemed to like the sneak peeks into my fridge and pantry, I hereby give you a mini-update of what I’m currently keeping stocked.

Everything I got.

Some explanation: the plastic bag in the right bottom corner contains fresh fish from the market and there are also some olives in there. Both aren’t pictured below.

English tea shop tea – Chamomile & White tea

Pukka Vanilla Chai tea & Clipper Mint tea

I decided to stock up on some more tea. I still have a ton from my trip to Twinings in London, but this girl can never have enough tea. I did run out of a few of my favorites and after finding out that Lipton tea in fact contains sugar (so much for a healthy cup of tea) I thought it would be a good idea to get some organic tea that surely won’t have any additives I don’t know.

Carrot & beetroot juice

Apple-cranberry juice & coconut water with pineapple juice

I’ve been on quite the vegetable juice kick. I buy these from my organic supermarket. They are 100% juice, no additives and taste great. I don’t like straight up veggie juice though, so I tend to mix in some fruit juice for flavor. I mix the carrot juice with some freshly squeezed orange juice and I thought I’d try the beetroot with apple-cranberry juice. Both combinations are delicious and if you’re wondering: why don’t you just make the juice yourself? I don’t have a juicer and don’t want one either (no space and they seem like a pain to clean and I’m lazy like that).

Buckwheat groats, lentils, hemp seeds

Rice cakes & buckwheat crackers (no added salt or sugars)

Popped quinoa

I also stocked up on some grain/ starchy products. I realized how long it had been since I have had porridge, so I got the buckwheat groats to do that. Lentils I haven’t ventured into all that much yet, so I’ve decided to buy some and force myself to try them. I’ve been loving seeds (sunflower & pumpkin) and I’ve been meaning to try hemp seeds for a while now. Rice cakes have become a staple for me but I only like them if they don’t have that many additives. Same goes for the crackers. Not a big fan of quinoa (not just because of the flavor, but also because of the controversies surrounding this highly popular grain), but I just had to try these. I hope they can add a bit more crunch to my morning yoghurt.

Almonds covered in milk chocolate & cinnamon, Nakd bars in Cashew Cookie & Cocoa Orange, lump of young cheese

Wheat free chocolate & orange cookies, cocoa nibs

Snack time! I allow myself some snacks during the weekend. Just recently I found these chocolate covered almonds with a dusting of cinnamon. They remind me of truffel ‘pepernoten’… Nuff said! The Nakd bars are my favorite raw dairy & wheat free snack bars. Filled with real ingredients they are great for a quick bite during the day. I also love to snack on some cheese throughout the week. This much cheese probably lasts me about 1.5 – 2 weeks though. Lots to go on. I also repurchased my favorite cookies because I had a friend come over during the weekend. And cocoa nibs… I used to have these for a while and now I’ve started to miss them. I still want to try sticking these in a banana bread instead of chocolate chips!

Crunchy peanut butter & wheat free soy sauce

Spirulina powder & beepollen

I also bought some condiments. I got a tip that organic peanut butter is much more tasty & good for you than the standard one. This one is only made of roasted peanuts. Haven’t tried it yet. And lo and behold! I found wheat free soy sauce. Finally! I made sushi last week and it gave me a stomachache all over again. Now I can test whether it’s the rice or the soy sauce. Lastly I bought some more ‘superfoods’ (really, who came up with that term?): spirulina is a dried and ground to powder seaweed and was on sale. Beepollen are apparently also really good for you. Together with the hemp seeds, something to use in my morning yoghurt, over my salads or with any of my smoothies.

Have you tried any of these foods before? What was your experience?

I bought these items from:

Ekoplaza, Zaailing, De Tuinen, Hoogvliet, Saturday farmer’s market in Leiden city center.

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