Instagram pictures #2

Time to get a bit more personal again. This time I have another 15 pictures, which have previously been featured on my Instagram account @indiequeen84. Plenty of views again, some selfies and some random bits and bobs. There is no chronological to this, just like last time. It’s just random shots that I took in the course of my Instagram life. Here’s a look at some aspects of my life. Enjoy your Sunday!

My house

No other description needed: the house in the middle of the picture is where I live. Now not the whole thing belongs to me. I rent a small studio apartment on the first floor.

And when I look out the window I have this view…

Selfie with peach make up look featured in this post

Life is always better with Carebear PJ bottoms (from Primark)

Early morning office views

Smoothie time!

If you want to see what I eat on a regular basis you can either follow me on Instagram as I post quite a few food shots. However, every once in a while I will also post on here with a more general overview of a few weeks. Just type in What I Eat in the search bar on the right. A next installment is planned for some time later this month.

Waag, Leiden @ Christmas night time

Some of my Christmas decorations

Selfie time. First time blow drying my hair straight

Early morning @ Leiden, Molen de Valk

An even earlier morning at work.

Make up shoplog/ Treat Yo’self time after being sick for more than a week

I love cloud formations…

Pretty dish @Wereldwinkel

I randomly walked into my local fairtrade shop which is around the corner from my house and I was heavily debating whether I should or shouldn’t get this dish. After a few weeks of pondering, I decided to go for it and caved. I plan on using it as a fruit bowl once I get my new dining room table.

London trip outfit

That’s it for this time! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my life.

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    • I already took that into consideration. With the amount of information I’ve shared online in the past 15 years you’d be able to find out everything about me anyway. It doesn’t really make any difference to me. Now I’m curious who you might be 😉

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