Nail care routine

One of the most soothing beauty rituals on the planet is doing a manicure. Since you can’t use your hands for a while afterwards it not only forces you to simply sit and do nothing, but also the routine of it allows me to relax and focus on something differently for a little bit. I like doing my nails when I’m watching youtube videos, TV series or a movie. By the time you’re done watching, you will have a perfectly dry manicure that will last a good few days. And here’s how I do it and which products I use.

Step 1: clean your nails

Bourjois magic nail polish remover 1 second

It is important to start with clean nails. I remove any old nail polish or grease from my finger nails by dipping each finger into this instant remover by Bourjois. I love these little pots as it is easier to soak your nails which with my habit of wearing glitter polish is very handy. I think I may even have started to wear more glitters because I discovered these pots. The Bourjois one is my favorite, be it a bit more expensive. It’s gentle for my nails and does not have that typical remover smell.

2.) File & remove cuticles

Hérôme nail file, The Body Shop Almond Oil Cuticle treatment, Action nail polish remover pads

Hérôme cuticle remover

Next, I like to apply a cuticle remover and file my nails while that soaks in. I usually do this once a week or once every two weeks. Then I use the doe foot applicator from an empty cuticle treatment to push back my cuticles. To remove any dust from filing my nails and excess cuticle remover, I take an instant nail polish remover pad and clean my nails again.

3.) Hydrate nails and apply base coat

Trind Nail Repair & Nail Balsam

Before I put on color I apply the Trind nail balsam. I have pretty dry nails, so I apply that to nourish my nails and give them a bit of a boost. I let that soak in for about 2 – 5 minutes and then apply a thin coat of Trind nail repair. This doubles as my base coat. It strengthens my nails and protects them from color seeping into my nails. Once that is dry I apply whichever colors I fancy.

4.) Top it up!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip top coat

To protect my nail polish from chipping and to quicken the drying process, I use a quick dry top coat. Currently I am using the Sally Hansen one as it is easily available from stores. However, I have used Seche Vite and INM out the door in the past. I make sure to wrap my top coat (and sometimes my nail color) to ensure longevity and avoid tipwear.

5.) Nourish!

100% Argan oil

Soap & Glory Hand Food, Soap & Co Cuticle Oil

Last but not least, I nourish my cuticles and hands. When I finish a manicure I use a drop of 100% argan oil for each hand and massage it into my cuticles. However, before bed time I always use some cuticle oil and hand cream (or body butter) as well. Whenever I am not sleeping at home I often forget to bring these things and every time I find out how much of a difference it makes to my nails and hands.

I sometimes also use a nail buffer to clean up any ridges and bring back some life to my nails. However, since I usually wear nail polish or at least Trind Nail Repair I don’t use it that often.

What products do you use for you nails?

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