Catrice eyebrow set

After a slight disappointment with the Catrice All Matt Plus foundation, I was ready for testing and talking about a super budgetproof product that has me do a happy dance every time I use it: the Catrice eyebrow set. This little product is the best. I bought an Anastasia powder in October, which I like, but ever since I’ve bought the Catrice set I haven’t even looked twice at my Anastasia set. Would you like to know why I love this eyebrow powder so much? Then keep on reading.

Catrice eyebrow set

The Catrice eyebrow set comes in a tiny rectangular box that not only includes two powders, but also a set of tweezers, a brush and a mini spooly. The tools are hidden in a compartment underneath the powder which you can see in the picture below. I haven’t used this powder with the brush or any of the other tools it comes with, but I do like that the option is there. I can simply take this with me while traveling and I have everything I need to do my brows on the go if need be. Catrice scores its first coal. The packaging is sleek and simple and there is a small but good sized mirror in the lid.

The powders are well pigmented and not too powdery. I use a new brush to apply the product: the Real Techniques angled brush. As you can see below, there is actual color to it and the texture is dry instead of buttery. For a brow product that is absolutely fine and just the way I like it. The lighter color is great on me for an every day brow. The dark is a welcome color for a stronger, more pronounced brow. The downside is that this powder only comes in one color selection so if you are very fair or very dark haired, this may not work for you. I do have light hair but my brows are naturally quite dark which is why these colors suit my complexion nicely.

Darker color – lighter color

My natural brows don’t need a whole lot of work when it comes to brow powder. Like I said above, they are naturally quite dark, especially for a natural blonde. They are quite bushy though with lots of stray hairs and some gaps here and there. I therefore use brow powder to define my eyebrows more so than to shape them on, make them appear fuller or whatever. All I need is a few sweeps of powder through my entire brow to even it out and I am good to go. Below you can see both colors of powder in close up and in action on my brows.

natural brow – lighter powder

natural brow – darker powder

I like the lighter color for a natural every day look, whereas the darker color is perfect for a very bold brow. So what makes this powder so fantastic? The quality: these powders last all day after locking them in with a bit of brow gel. They also perfectly suit my needs. I found with the Anastasia powders and even my MAC Omega eyeshadow which I used for years before this, that I would need much more product to achieve a similar look. I lightly tap my brush into the powder 2 or 3 times and then sweep it through my brow. I pick up a bit more and then I’ll fill in the tail and that’s it!

And of course the best part of this product is the price. I believe this eyebrow set retails for less than 5 euros. Which is great considering I paid over 20 euros for an Anastasia set which didn’t come with any tools or a mirror this big. In other words: you cannot go wrong when you buy this product. Just keep your hair and eyebrow color in mind when looking into this product. To close off this post, I also include two full face pictures where I’m wearing both colors.

Left: darker color

Right: lighter color

What’s your favorite brow product?

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