What I eat #15

Featured in the 15th installment of What I Eat: some salads, some smoothies, some omelettes, some dinners AND I’ve gone back to baking. Yes, you got that right. With some new found energy I also like spending more time in my kitchen again and so this past weekend I threw a King’s Day Pancake Extravaganza Party for some friends and their kids for which I baked a huge stack of pancakes and made healthy yet yummy desserts to accompany those.

The first part of dessert was a healthy carrot cake which included no refined sugars of any kind, in fact there were no added sugars in here except for a few tablespoons of honey in the frosting. It contains almond meal and shredded coconut as well as 250 grams of carrots, 200 grams of pineapple and some chopped up walnuts for added crunch. I used a recipe, but changed up the frosting as my blender cannot grind up nuts. Instead I went with a whipped cream cheese & honey mixture which functions as a frosting just fine. It was delish and one slice even served as yesterday’s lunch.

The second dessert I served was this paleoproof blueberry bread. With only 2 tablespoons of honey, this bread has hardly any sugars in it. It has one of the shortest ingredient lists ever as well. It’s also very tasty and hearty with the blueberries providing all the flavor. I’m thinking of turning a few slices into french toast for breakfast later this week.

BOOM! Stack of pancakes! I made 3 liters of batter which took almost an hour to turn into this delicious golden brown treat. Within 30 minutes they were all gone. And between these, the dessert and the snacks (all veggies and nuts) I served before dinner, everyone was stuffed to the brim.

On to my regular meals from the past couple of weeks!


Banana-egg pancakes with coconut blossom sugar
Buckwheat porridge with cocoa nibs, coconut blossom sugar, shredded coconut and flax seeds

I still am not too adventurous when it comes to breakfasts. I’m still having my yoghurt/ superfoodmix combination most mornings and on Sundays I like to change things up with 2 ingredient pancakes or porridge. I’m boring like that.


Pasta salad with spinach pesto, salmon and assorted veggies
Savory goat’s cheese salad with asparagus, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, alfalfa and olives

Omelets: one with spinach, one without,
but with mushrooms, ham, a tablespoon of cream cheese (!) and goat’s cheese on top

For lunch I’m also still sticking to salads or eggs. I was craving pasta the other week so I decided to put it in a salad rather than eating it straight up. I also opted for a savory goat’s cheese salad. Where I normally make them sweet with walnuts and honey, I went with pine nuts and sundried tomatoes this time. To change things up from the always present cucumber I decided to broil some asparagus and add those to my salad after they cooled down.


Chicken drumstick with cauliflower
Ribsteak with broccoli

Left overs salad: mackerel, puffed quinoa, sunflower seeds, alfalfa, spinach, lettuce, bellpepper and feta
Quick stir fry: seasoned chicken, mushrooms, asparagus, bell pepper, courgette, bean sprouts and leak

My super simple, yet tasty dinners: just some meat and veggies on the side. That is my basis for whenever I feel uninspired to cook at night. These past few weeks I’ve also enjoyed simply looking in my fridge and throwing a salad together with whatever I can find in there. The stir fry was also a spur of the moment thing. I had forgotten to take food from my fridge to defrost so I ended up with an extra trip to the supermarket. This was remarkably good despite the fact that it was so last minute.

Strawberry basil smoothie with coconut milk & spinach. Left: with banana, Right: with avocado

These smoothies are pretty much identitical. I did turn it into a green smoothie both times as well as adding some seeds and other additives to make it more packed with nutrients. I replaced the banana for avocado in the smoothie on the right which made for a super rich and creamy texture. It was so filling that I couldn’t finish my jar and that rarely happens to me.

What was the best dish you had in the month of April?

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    • Oeh klinkt lekker! Alleen jammer van de agavesiroop, ik vind honing veel lekkerder en is ook wat gezonder dan agave. Eens kijken of ik de hoeveelheden kan uitzoeken agave vs. honing dan lijkt dit me wel wat! Heb ook al eens taarten en cakes op basis van courgette gevonden.

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