OOTD: Red is red

I thought I’d do a quick outfit of the day for you all. Last week, I set out to run a few errands and after I was done I deemed the outfit ‘share worthy’. The main feature is the bright red skater skirt which I picked up for a mere 5 euros during H&M’s winter sale. It is a bit cold still here, so I went with black tights to keep warm and a nice cozy cardigan. Oh and I matched my lips to the skirt. The lipstick I’m wearing is Topshop Rio Rio.

What I’m wearing:

  • black & white knit cardigan: Mango
  • white striped sheer shirt: H&M
  • red bra: Victoria’s Secret Incredible
  • red skater skirt: H&M
  • black tights: Primark
  • white & grey tartan print sneakers: Venice

The way this outfit got started was with the top. I was just lounging around at home for most of the day and I had simply thrown on the first top that I came across that morning. I happened to be wearing a red bra underneath, so when I decided to get dressed properly and not wear PJ bottoms, I thought the red skirt would go nicely with my bra which was peeping through the sheer material of my top. For more warmth I threw on the heavy knit cardigan, which I ended up buttoning up (just the top button) to keep things at least semi decent while I was out and about.

Opaque black Primark tights are a wardrobe staple for me and I pop these on the minute it gets chilly. I’ve had the sneakers for years. I believe I bought these when I was still a student, on sale, at a shoe store around the corner from my house for 7.50 euros. In fact, this outfit is very budget proof. I just realized that I also bought the cardigan on sale. Factor in the skirt, shoes, tights and top and I think this outfit adds up to having cost me less than 50 euros in total. How budget proof is that?! I thought the shoes went nicely with the black & white cardigan, making the outfit a good blend of red, white and black without one color being too overpowering, yet not monotone and boring because of the bright red skirt.

All in all, I really like this outfit. It has a bright pop of color, adds a little bit of sexy, keeps you warm, is comfortable AND is easy on your bank account. What’s not to love?

What does your most budget proof outfit look like?

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