Shoplog: Asos, Sting, H&M, Mango, F21 & Hema

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I’m still working on completing my summer wardrobe and so I did a bit of shopping (once again). On top of that I also found some great basics and other fun items to add and so this is a bit of a collective haul. I placed an order with the usual suspect H&M, but this time I also went to some other places that I don’t shop at as regularly. On top of that I also planned a trip to the newly opened Forever 21 in Amsterdam and picked up a few things there. These items were not bought in one go but more or less in the course of the past month/ 6 weeks or so. I hope you enjoy this summer fashion shoplog and make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see my ‘piece the resistance’ of this shopping round.

Striped print design pink blazer (Hema)

I hardly ever shop for clothes at Hema. But when I was running some regular errands I spotted a whole selection of blazers from the corner of my eye. It was basically the same style with different prints. I was torn between this one and a white & blue floral design. Since I have a dress with a white & blue floral print that was very similar to the blazer, I decided to go for this bold striped pattern. It is unlike anything other blazer I have and the fit of this was super nice. Oh and did I mention it was only 20 euros too?

Baby blue scallop edge skater dress with lace front and back (Asos)
White lace summer dress with spaghetti straps (H&M)

Dresses! Of course they have to be in one of my shoplogs because I wear dresses so much and so often and they are just the easiest way of putting outfits together. One dress = one outfit, especially in summer and especially when they are pretty or fun like these too. I fell in love with the baby blue Asos one the minute I spotted it. Luckily it fits my shape perfectly which also goes for the white dress, which is something I hadn’t initially expected.

Palm tree/ tropical print cropped t-shirt (Miss America via Sting)
Baby pink California Venice Beach cropped t-shirt with burn out design and flamingos (Mango)

Before the start of spring I threw out a bunch of printed tees as I wasn’t wearing them anymore, but since I have been getting more into highwaisted jeans lately (courtesy of my Topshop Jamie & Joni jeans) I wanted to add some fun cropped printed tees for summer. These two not only looked great on they are also fun and super on trend with their tropical and summery prints of palm trees and flamingos.

Black skater dress with mesh/ sheer top and sweetheart neckline (H&M)
Denim blue boyfriend jeans with minor destressed look (L.O.G.G. via H&M)

On to two not so summeresque type of items, but two items that were still missing from my wardrobe. A basic black dress with a bit of oomph and a darker wash boyfriend jeans. I own plenty of dresses, but my plain black dress section was a little underrepresented. These sheer highnecked dresses have been around all year, but always in a bodycon fit which is not always so flattering for my shape. This skater dress variety does, so when I saw this dress for only 10 euros at H&M I knew it would be great to add to my ever growing dress collection (blog post anyone?!).

Grey pilled basic t-shirt (H&M)
Basic grey tank top (Forever 21)

Basics, nothing too exciting but I love a good basic tee any time. In fact, over the past year or so I’m more into plain tees (and especially grey ones) over printed ones. So I stocked up on a tank and a basic round neck, both with loose fits.

Dark grey skater dress with open back detail (H&M)

Another plain looking dress but this one is of the plain in the front, party in the back variety. The back of this dress is super low cut and I love that sort of thing. I will pair this with a bright colored bandeau to cover up my bra and you have one cute but sexy summer dress. Again this was only 10 euros!

Peach sheer top with floral embroidery design (Forever 21)
Cropped black & white polka dot button down blouse with knot detail (Forever 21)

Most of the items I got from Forever 21 were basics, but I did take home two more fun items. These two tops fit nice and will go with so many different things. And I finally, finally found a black & white polka dot blouse for that extra retro vibe with my highwaisted skirts and pants.

Basic black & grey v-neck t-shirt (Forever 21)

V-necks are all the rage this season and I didn’t own a single one. Well, yeah but in neon pink, not a basic color. I’m still looking for a white one as they had sold out of those. Oh and these shirt are a steal: only 3.50 euros a pop.

Cropped palm tree print t-shirt (Mango)
Cropped grey t-shirt (Forever 21)

Again two fairly basic items. The palm tree print shirt is a bit more simple than the ones above, but I still like the colors and the contrast against the white. And I have black and white cropped tops, but no grey ones and since grey is my staple basic color…

Neon yellow espadrilles (H&M)
Red ‘coral’ necklace (gift from friend)

On to the most fun items of this haul. Neon yellow shoes! YAY!!! The best way to wear neon I find is in accessories. Especially neon yellow, as it makes me look very washed out. It adds a fun pop of color in any plain outfit and the espadrille look makes for an instant summer feel. The necklace I didn’t purchase but was part of a swap I did with some friends, but I thought it was too pretty not to share.

Red pointed high heels in faux suede (Asos)

Last but not least, my favorite items from this entire post: a pair of bright red heels. I used to have red heels, but I had to throw them out as my feet shrank half a size about 1.5 years ago and so they didn’t fit me anymore. These fit like a glove, are super high (11 cm without a platform!) and are in my favorite color. What really sold me on them is the heel: I love how it is not set at the back of the shoe but right under your heel and is curved inwards ever so slightly. So despite the fact that these shoes have a pointed toe your feet still won’t look massive.

What are you doing to summerproof your wardrobe?

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  1. svenja Avatar

    Wauw, wat een hoop prachtige items. Maar vooral het jasje van de eerste foto heeft meteen mijn hart gestolen, ik ben zo dol op die kleurtjes <3

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ik had zoiets nog helemaal niet en twijfelde eerst wel een beetje. Maar ik stond in de winkel een beetje awkward te passen en een andere vrouw zei meteen: oh die staat je leuk! Dus toen moest ik hem toch wel meenemen.

  2. fleurerose Avatar

    Red heels: wow!!!😍

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I know! They are awesome.

  3. Thebeautydelivery Avatar

    Wat een geweldige aankopen!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar


  4. Mariëlle Avatar

    Leuke items, jij kunt weer vooruit 😉 Het wit kanten jurkje vind ik vooral super gaaf!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Dat kon ik toch al wel hoor ;-). Dat jurkje zit echt heel mooi. Beetje onverwacht, had em op de gok besteld omdat ik de combi wit-kant-spaghettibandjes zo leuk vond.

  5. Esmée Lifestyle Avatar

    Wauw, die pumps zijn echt prachtig! x

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