10 essential items to summerproof your wardrobe

Temperatures are heating up. The first summer festivals have started happening and so it is time to take your spring wardrobe into summer. Since similar trends are appropriate in both season, you don’t need to invest in a ton of extra items to adapt your style to sunnier weather. Think bright colors, showing some skin and ways to protect yourself from the sun and you’re good to go. By following 10 easy steps, you can easily make your wardrobe summerproof. We’re gonna go from bottom to top, so let’s start with the feet.

1.) Put some color on your feet

Neon yellow espadrilles (H&M)

Neon colors are all over for summer and add that instant pop of brightness to make any look more apt for summer. I just purchased these neon yellow espadrilles from H&M, so they should still be available. I think these are perfect, because even if neons aren’t the type of colors that go well with your complexion and overall skin tone you can still get away with that super bright pop of color.

2.) Expose those toes

Tan peep toe flats (Primark)

Whether you go for a wedge, a high heel or a comfy flat: peep toes are the best shoes for summer. They go with everything and scream summer instantly. Since my feet are a little weird, peep toes don’t really work for me, but since sandals are even a bigger mess, I opt for peep toe anyway. They are comfy, keep your feet protected, yet you do get to show off your lovely toe nail colors.

3.) Dress it up

White lace spaghetti strap dress (H&M)
Black and white polka dot playsuit (Urban Outfitters)Dark floral spaghetti strap dress (Forever21)

A dress is always a staple item in summer. This year, spaghetti straps are back. I remember these being all the rage 15 years ago and now they have made their return. Go for a cutesy lace number in a stark white color, or a ditsy black and white polka dot or add a bit more grunge and go for a dark floral instead. And I’ve cheated a bit, because the polka dot number you see in the picture isn’t actually a dress but a playsuit. On it still looks like a dress though, so I thought I’d put it in anyway.

4.) Crop that top

Black & white crop top (H&M)
Highwaisted denim shorts (H&M)

Apart from spaghetti straps that other 90s staple, the crop top, is back again stronger than ever. Pair it with highwaisted jeans or, because it’s summer, shorts and you have an instant summer proof outfit. You can dress up this outfit with any of the items you see in the rest of this post.

5.) Back pack galore

Tan faux leather back pack (Forever21)

The easiest bag to wear in summer is a back pack. You can take them to the beach, on a day trip, on vacation or to a summer festival. They are easy to carry and generally stress free, especially if they have a flap and a zipper closure like the one I’m showing you here. In fact, I plan on taking this with me during my own interrail vacation later this summer.

6.) The breezy blazer

Multi color floral blazer (Vila)

Another musthave for any summer wardrobe is a flowy blazer. When things get hot and sweaty, you don’t want to wear any items that are too tight fitting or constricted. If you still want to look more put together without overheating, you can opt for a boxier style blazer in a lightweight fabric. Even better if it comes in a bright pattern.

7.) Denim jacket

Light blue denim jacket (Mango)

Not all summer nights are long and hot and just in case it gets chilly, having a lightweight jacket that you can throw on with anything is essential. To me that is denim jacket. It goes with dresses and shirt/ pants combinations plus it is super easy to pack, tie around your waist or used as a blanket to put to good use even when you’re not wearing it.

8.) Nails are your best accessory

Catrice Virgin Forest, Essie Cute as a Button

If your wardrobe style isn’t a very colorful one, or if you simply can’t get enough of wearing brighter colors, then adding a pop of a little something something onto your nails is your best option for throwing it in. My personal preference is for adding a bright green to my toes and a corally pink to my fingers.

9.) Protect yourself from the glare

Rayban Clubmasters
Six rainbow mirrored sunglasses

Sunglasses are of course a must as the sun will be shining brighter than ever. So protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun is best done by a good pair of sunglasses. I suggest you invest in at least one classic model and then just add on some cheapier, more fashionable ones that you can rotate.

10.) Hats off

Straw fedora (H&M)

Finally a hat is also essential summerwear. Especially if you’re at festivals or outside all day, protecting your scalp will prevent headaches and the nastiest of nasty sunburns: the parting in your hair. I should really wear hats more often, so I bought this one from H&M the other day to use during my upcoming trip.

What items are essential to summerproof your wardrobe according to you?

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