Tuned up Thursday: Music ABC – G

Remember that I like an array of different music? Well today’s post will proof just that. From a golden oldie, to elektro house, commercial dance, singer songwriter and one of the best tracks from one of the best albums ever made, this post showcases a neat division of the type of music I listen to. Move over indie music, today we’ll be delving into my musical catalogue and have a look at my favorite songs starting with the letter G.

1.) Georgia on my Mind – Ray Charles

The master of soul and R&B: that’s Ray Charles. His music is amazing and this song always gives me goosebumps. It’s just so beautiful, raw and filled with emotion. A classic that everyone should know.

2.) Ghosts n Stuff – Deadmau5

When listening to this song you need the full 6 min album version. I only one dance album. And it’s Deadmau5′ Random Album Title. It doesn’t feature this song per se, but because of that unique feature, I knew I had to include a Deadmau5 song in my Music ABC series. This is my favorite track by him. If you like a bit of elektro and a bit of house, then you’ll like this one.

3.) Golden Train – Justin Nozuka

How Justin Nozuka isn’t super duper famous yet is beyond me. His music is divine. Especially his first album. I saw him live 3 times and I’d go see him again at the drop of a hat. His music falls into the singer songwriter category and this song in particular is soothing, a tad sad and oh so beautiful. I love how it picks up half way through to give it a bit more oomph. He just released a new record not too long ago and I haven’t heard it yet, will have to some time soon.

4.) The Great Gig in the Sky – Pink Floyd

If you’d ask me what’s the best album ever made, I’d tell you Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd within the blink of an eye. I’ve been listening to it since I was 14 years old (as per my mother’s recommendation) and I’m still listening to it. My favorite track on it, is this one. It’s instrumental mostly, with vocals just singing a melody line, no words. I love listening to this late at night and just let it transport me wherever it takes me. For those moments where you don’t want to think of anything, but just let the music take you for a ride.

5.) Greyhound (Original Mix) – Swedish House Mafia

Gym classes can also give you some inspiration for your music playlist. I know this song through my spinning classes. And I love it. Super commercial but oh so fun dance track that I’m will get all the crowds jumping. It’s got the pounding rhythm, the repetitive build up: in short anything that makes a crowd pleasing dance track. I love listening to this when I work out in the gym still.

What songs starting with the letter G do you like?

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