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A bright nail look isn’t for everyone. And it’s definitely not suitable for every job out there. Let alone a job interview. So what if you want to wear nail polish, but know you can go for a bit more than just a layer of clear polish? There are plenty of neutral shades out there. The trick to finding a good neutral shade is making sure it matches your skin tone. Plus it’s always a good thing when a polish has an opaque coverage, especially if it’s a lighter color. And you know what else is fun about neutral nail polish colors? That they are a lot of fun to pair with glitters! The options are thus endless. These are my 5 picks for a neutral nail.

1.) Diamond Cosmetics – Taupe Shimmer

Taupe Shimmer is my favorite neutral nail polish. This color is always a good choice. It goes with every outfit, looks great against my skin tone and had good staying power. The last thing you want is wearing this at some important occasions and arrive there to find your polish chipped. So I like that about this one. The fact that it has a hint of shimmer makes it a bit more interesting then if this had been a fully cream polish.

2.) Catrice – Welcome to Roosywood

Rose colored nails and especially in this color with a plum undertone can look great if the rest of your outfit is more neutral. If you can match your lipstick shade it adds an instant chique factor. This is the most outspoken color in this row, but to me, this is still a neutral. It never takes away or overpowers the rest of your outfit or your personality.

3.) L’Oreal Color Riche Peach Neglige

Earlier this year L’Oreal released a range of nail polishes that are almost white, but not quite. I have three of them. Of those, Peach Neglige is the most versatile. It makes for an instant “my nails but better” look. I use this when I don’t know what to wear and pair it with glitter for a bit of fun. It is the most neutral in the bunch and therefore goes with anything you wear. It’s too thick and gloopy to wear under shearer nail colors but this color could be perfect for that as well.

4.) OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around

This is the only Limited Edition shade in the selection. Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around was part of the Brazil collection released earlier this year. It’s a very light greyish beige color with a purple undertone. Making it a very light purple colored taupe. This I love to layer under sheerer nail colors, top it up with glitter or just wear it as is. Again, this color is versatile and goes with anything and is always right. It’s OPI so this is hands down my favorite formula in the bunch.

5.) Ciaté Sugared Almonds

Last but not least is Sugared Almonds. Ciaté do some great neutral shades but this has to be my favorite. It is a peachy pink color that is a bit on the sheer side. With one layer this amps up your nails, with two, you have an opaque color that is flattering and not too much out there. Because of the pinky undertone, this color doesn’t make your hands or nails look pale and dead (like some beige colors can do) but keep it lively and sophisticated.

What are your favorite neutral nail colors?

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