Glitter & top coat nail polish collection

In my nail polish collection a large chunk of the bottles I own is taken up by glitters and top coats. I love me some sparkle on my nails and so I have quite some bottles to add a bit of extra to any nail polish look. My favorite brands for top coats and glitter are Essence and W7: budget proof and they have a great selection of colors and glitters to choose from. Below you will find all of my glitter and top coat stash, including swatches for all polishes.


  1. Catrice Million Styles: Shake it Flake it!
  2. Catrice Million Styles: ¿Holo Qué Tal?
  3. Catrice Million Styles: Godfather of Pearl
  4. Catrice Million Styles: Have an Ice Day
  5. Catrice Million Styles: Return of Space Cowboys
  6. Catrice Million Styles: Miss Money Penny
  7. Catrice Million Styles: Million Dollar Baby
  8. Catrice Kitch me if you Can
  9. Catrice Crushed Crystals Oyster & Champagne
  10. Catrice Crushed Crystals Call me Princess

The range of Catrice polishes I own in this category is growing steadily. As they release more glitters in their Luxury Lacquers line, Catrice is quickly becoming my favorite brand in this category too. Many of the ones featured here are from an old limited edition line: Million Styles. It’s what really got my love for top coats started. By now, they have brought back a few of these in their extended line, so it is worth having a look for these still.


  1. Essence Gold Fever
  2. Essence Time for Romance
  3. Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper Glitter on Me
  4. Essence Nail Art Special Effects Night in Vegas
  5. Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper Cool Breeze
  6. Essence Nail Art Special Effects Glorious Aquarius
  7. Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper Mrs & Mr Glitter
  8. Essence Nail Art Twins Edward
  9. Essence Nail Art Special Effects Circus Confetti
  10. Essence Nail Art Special Effects It’s Purpelicious
  11. Essence Effect Nail polish Glitter Jewels Glitz and Glam
  12. Essence nail art special effect topper feather effect the bees and the birds
  13. Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper Only Purple Matters
  14. Essence Nail Art Twins Troy
  15. Essence nail art special effect topper twinkling stars get the party started
  16. Essence Nail Art Special Effects Copper’ize Me
  17. Essence Be Loud Graffiti top coat Not Punky nor funky
  18. Essence Effect nail polish sparkling sugar heart Explosion
  19. Essence Effect nail polish metal sugar Skyfall

As I had expected, my Essence top coat stash is vast. They simply do the best and keep coming out with new flavor and finishes to try. And they are cheap. These all retail for less than 2 euros, so really who cares if the effect isn’t as you hoped? I’m not too sure of the sugar effect yet in no. 18, but all the other finishes are ones I love and use quite often.

Miscellaneous 1

  1. Etos Effect Nails Pink
  2. Etos Effect Nails Red
  3. Gosh Girls on Film
  4. Maybelline Color Show Brocades Knitted Gold
  5. Maybelline Color Show Urban Street Artist 02 White Splatter
  6. Maybelline Color Show Urban Street Artist 01 Boom Box Black
  7. L’Oreal Color Riche Bling Bling Bang
  8. L’Oreal Color Riche Confettis
  9. L’Oreal Color Riche Sequin Explosion
  10. Bourjois 1 Seconde Top Coat Vampire Vanity
  11. NYC Disco Inferno
  12. NYC Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat Green Day
  13. NYC Party Time Blue
  14. NYC Flame the night
  15. H&M Rooftop Party
  16. H&M Jo is in the House

Most of the glitter top coats I own are drugstore polishes. I hardly ever buy these kind of polishes from high end brands. And so it happens that I have quite a few top coats from the bigger drugstore brands such as Maybelline and L’Oreal, but also H&M, Bourjois, and Gosh.

Miscellaneous 2

  1. ELF Fairy Dust
  2. Sally Hansen In the Spotlight
  3. Pieces Rainbow Sugar
  4. Angelica Spring Break
  5. Sephora Silver Rain
  6. Sephora Purple Jewelry
  7. Sephora Twinkle Twinkle
  8. Collection 2000 187
  9. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 106
  10. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 105
  11. Golden Rose Jolly Jewels Nail Lacquer 116
  12. Golden Rose Carnival Nail Color 12
  13. Let It Glitter Neon Matteness
  14. Let it Glitter Christmas Eve
  15. Hema Nail Polish 03
  16. HEMA Glitter Coral
  17. HEMA Glitter Purple
  18. Hema Top Coat Glitter 23

I also have a few less mainstream brands hidden in this stash post. Golden Rose and Let It Glitter are smaller brands (one of them even is an indie brand) do some very special top coats that I love.

W7 Glitter

  1. W7 Cosmic Mauve
  2. W7 Pink Dazzle
  3. W7 Cosmic Purple
  4. W7 Cosmic Green
  5. W7 Green Dazzle
  6. W7 Cosmic Blue
  7. W7 Pink Debris
  8. W7 Bronze Debris
  9. W7 Mauve Debris
  10. W7 Red Debris
  11. W7 Multi Debris
  12. W7 Midnight Debris
  13. W7 Mauve Flakes
  14. W7 Rocket
  15. W7 Fairy Tale
  16. W7 Moonlight
  17. W7 Moondust
  18. W7 Multi Dazzle

Last, but not least, is my favorite glitter polish brand: W7. This is sold at my local Op=Op and whenever the seasons change they seem to come out with something new. Many of their glitters are fully opaque with two coats (yes that’s two coats!) and the top coats are also very densely filled with glitters and they work with some interesting color combinations and finishes as well.

You can find the rest of my nail polish collection here and here. There is one more installment left, which I hope to put up next month.

What is your opinion about glitter polish?

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