Tuned up Thursday: Music of the Moment (September 2014)

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It’s the end of the month and so we have come to the point where we do our monthly round up. On Sunday I’ll be giving you the round up of my beauty and lifestyle favorites. But right now I’m taking you into my monthly music favorites. These are all newly music discoveries I made in the past couple of weeks. Over summer vacation I spent quite some time updating my music files and even finding some additional sources for a good dose of indie music. The songs below are my current favorite picks from my music scavenging activities over summer.

Blood Orange – Uncle ACE (a-jus-ted Remix)

Super laid back track with plenty of beats to come by. It is a great track for an Indian summer evening. It’s chilled, relaxing and easygoing.

Brave Shores – Never Come Down

Rock track infused with a good deal of pop, this is one of those tracks that would be a people’s pleaser on any festival set.

Chet Faker – Gold

My best friend posted this on her Facebook and I have been hooked ever since.

Alt-J (∆) – Every Other Freckle

You know how a song sometimes hits you, the instant you hear it? That’s what happened when I first heard this. Can’t wait to listen to their album that came out last Friday.

Astronauts – Skydive

This song had to grow on me a little bit. It was only after hearing it more than a few times until I could appreciate it. It sounds a bit middle of the road at first, but when you listen closely you can hear more and more each time you listen to it.


Low, dark beats is what drives this song forward, but not after a chilling and empty sounding intro has already drawn you in.

Pablo Nouvelle – Invading My Mind (Ft. Fiona Daniel)

Another deep dark beat track by Pablo Nouvelle. This song instantly made it to my monthly top 10 when I heard it. If music is a drug than this song is the one I’m yearning for the most.

RHODES – Breathe

Rhodes is an artist that has recently been popping up on my radar more and more. The vocals of this song are magnificent. A little sad, a little whiny perhaps, but it perfectly fits the song.

Teleman – Cristina

This is another song that had to grow on me. It sounds a bit Pete & the Pirates to me, but then again it doesn’t. It has more of a new wave vibe to it. And it has a great build up.

The Zombies – Time of the Season (D.veloped Vocal Remix)

On to a song that is free to download and a weird mash up of the old and the new. You take a classic track by The Zombies, mash it up with some Daft Punk and Missy Elliott and what do you get? This strangely satisfying track.

What is your favorite newly released track?

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