Styling Topshop Joni & Jamie jeans

Finding a good pair of jeans can be a tedious job. But once you’ve found that perfect fit, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. I did last year. On one of my London trips I set foot in Topshop, tried on some Jamie and Joni jeans and took home one of each style. I ended up loving them so much that I ordered 2 of each a few months later. The fit is perfect for me. Both are highwaisted skinnies, but the difference is that the Jamie is more of a jeans and the Joni more of a tregging. The latter is even more highwaisted than the first, yet both are stretchy and incredibly comfy. When I first discovered these I temporarily went off my dress obsession, so imagine how good these jeans are.

Jamie & Joni jeans (Topshop)

I have three pairs of jeans per type. I have a dark wash, a medium wash and a light wash/ color in both the Jamie’s and the Joni’s. But the washes between the two are different. I have the Jamie’s in black, grey and denim stone wash blue. The Joni’s are in a deep indigo blue, a dark acid wash and a light pink color. The Joni’s come in different prints and colors which change with the seasons. I used to have a pair of light pink/ apricot colored jeans from H&M that weren’t perfect but I missed them nonetheless, hence my choice to add in a pair of light pink pants. Here’s how I wear them.

1.) Jamie in black

Top: Forever 21
Chelsea boots: H&M

I love this pair of black ones. They are basic and easy to change up and I wear them quite often. I especially like pairing black with lighter colors to break up the darkness of the black. I’d wear a black top underneath this sheer floral shirt to make the pattern stand out even more and voilá a quick and simple outfit that is perfect for every day. Or pair it with a striped crop top, like I did in this older blog post.

2.) Jamie in grey

Crop top: Mango
Clarks desert boots in Wolf

Another simple outfit. Since these are highwaisted it’s really easy to pair them with crop tops. The rate of crop tops went up in my closet once I started wearing these jeans. I love pairing my desert boots with my grey jeans. It makes for a neutral bottom half and so you can play up the top. Here I went with a fun palm tree print shirt.

3.) Jamie in denim blue stone wash

Leopard print cropped sweater: H&M
Tweed converse sneakers

I love wearing jeans when the weather gets colder. Especially when it’s a bit rainy and dreary. Tights dry a bit quicker, but jeans do keep you quite a bit warmer. Paired with a fun sweater and some comfy sneakers, jeans make for a comfortable outfit that is great no matter what.

4.) Joni in indigo blue

Floral button down: Minkpink
Burgundy brogues: Bronx

I love myself a good button down shirt and paired with a pair of deep indigo bottoms you can wear pretty much anything. I wore these pants to pieces last spring because they are so versatile. They are dark but not too dark and because they are a deep blue you can pair is with so many different tops. It’s the best basic jeans to have in my opinion.

5.) Joni in dark acid wash

White crop top: H&M
Leopard flats: H&M

A classic pairing with a twist: jeans and a white tee. But here with a crop top, an acid denim blue and a fun print on your feet. Again a really simple outfit, but when it comes to styling two piece outfits that’s how I like to go. This outfit also lends itself perfectly for dressing it up for warmer weather by adding a thick knit cardigan or a fun blazer.

6.) Joni in baby pink

Black t-shirt: H&M
Thin cardigan: H&M
Dr Marten’s 1461 in black

Baby pink pants are probably not for everyone. But where some people swear by a pair of white jeans, I swear by light pink. It’s a very neutral shade, yet not so neutral that it becomes boring. My preferred way of styling this is by adding all black every thing with maybe a touch of white. Paired with the right items these pants are even appropriate for more official occasions such as job interviews. If you’d like to see how I style these pants for such situations, please click here.

You can see me wearing some of these jeans by clicking here, here and here. Each pair costs around €50 each and is available from Topshop. They ship internationally and sometimes have free shipping (which is when I purchased my additional pairs). I wear a size smaller in the Joni jeans than in the Jaimie’s as they are super stretchy. The jeans will also run a bit larger after wearing them more often, so bare that in mind.

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