What I Eat #19

I’m back at work and that means I’m busy which leaves less time to cook and experiment in the kitchen. But no worries, I’m still trying out and making plenty of meals, just not as often anymore. If there are any meals in this post that you would like to have a recipe for, then feel free to ask in the comments below and I will see what I can do for you. For now, here are 2 months worth of meals.


Banana egg pancakes with fresh strawberries

Frozen watermelon ‘slushy’

Banana-egg pancakes with coconut sugar

For my everyday breakfast I am still having yoghurt with flax seeds and all that. Since it’s boring to share that same breakfast all the time, here are some things I had that were different. I tend to have a more elaborate breakfast on days off or during the weekend. So there aren’t too many opportunities, but it means I enjoy it twice as much. Banana-egg pancakes are a staple in my diet. My favorite combo is with some fresh fruit, a bit a cinnamon and some coconut sugar, which is easily becoming my favorite sweetener.


Rice cake with homemade strawberry/ raspberry jam

Bacon & eggs with goat’s cheese, mustard & mayonaise

I go through phases when it comes to eating eggs. Sometimes I like to have them boiled, then I swear by omelets infused with spinach and currently I’m loving it with some bacon and melted cheese. Oh and mustard has become my favorite condiment! I made an attempt at making my own fresh jam over summer with the help of some chia seeds. It was alright. I had used frozen fruit though and so it turned out a bit watery despite adding some more chia seeds and leaving it overnight again. My mom made proper jam the other day and gave me a jar, so I’m going to try some of that shortly!


Vegetarian pasta with tomato sauce, courgette, leak, mushroom & bell peper and a big dollop of green pesto

Pan roasted sweet potato with black beans & rosemary with a sausage roll

Bean stir fry with green beans, kidney beans, black beans and some ground beef

Vegan macaroni & cheese with broccoli

Sweet potato & black beans with rosemary & cajun chicken

Can you tell I’ve been on a bean kick? I love green beans but didn’t want to do the standard beans with meat combo. So I went with a bean stir fry instead. I’ve also been having some more pasta again. I make much longer days now and I’m working out 4x a week again so I need some carbs to make sure I keep that motor running.


Blackberry/ blueberry smoothie

Can’t remember what this was, let’s just say that not all smoothies turn out what you hope they’ll be

Peanut butter, banana, chocolate shake

I’ve also been making some smoothies again of course. The first one was great. It looks great too. But not all smoothies turn out the way they should. I can’t remember what I put into the second one, but I’m pretty sure I made the mistake of adding spinach and raspberries or something like that. The last one was intended to be brown as it has chocolate and peanut butter in it. Not the healthiest per se but still really yummy.


NY Cheesecake

Summer fruit salad

As we’re nearing the end of summer, all the yummy fruits are starting to disappear again. Still, I know it will be back again next year, so I’ll be making more fruit salads then. In August a good friend of mine celebrated his birthday. He didn’t ask for any presents, just for everyone to bring something to eat. I made this NY Cheesecake because I know he loves the one I make. And guess what?! Yep, next week’s recipe will be on how to make that cheesecake.

What have been your favorite meals?

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