Tuned up Thursday: songs of the week #7

Thursday. Music time! This week I’m sharing a couple of songs that have me turning up the speakers ever so slightly again. Some of these are brand new songs by artists I’m just getting into. But there is also a golden oldie from the 60s, a recent favorite and tracks by two bands who I’ve seen live in the past week. Enjoy!

FKA Twigs – Lights On

What can I say about this one? It’s definitely different. But oh so good. I like it when artists push the limits of what is easy to listen to. The best of this song, it grows on you. Not only after a few listens but straight away. I love how it switches between a breathy and seductive chorus and an almost fragile and desperate verse. This is quite possibly the most interesting artist to have joined the music arena in the past few years.

Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

I had to post the live version of this song. Just to, I don’t know, put it into context I guess. These guys, or well, their frontman, are something else. I have had one of their songs, Tomorrow, for years. And then suddenly, they did this performance and they blew up. If you listen simply to the music, it’s a very standard, simple 80s inspired synthpop song. But then when you add the vocals, this becomes a different beast literally. I guess, the lead singer passed up on a career as a singer in a heavy metal group to be in this band. To top things off, I saw them live last week and darn were they good. Everyone danced, everyone cheered and the show ended with people crowdsurfing and 25 audience members up on stage. Good times!

James Vincent McMorrow – Down The Burning Ropes

Shock! Horror! I can’t believe I didn’t share this on here before. This song is quite possibly my favorite song from James Vincent McMorrow’s first album. And to be honest, I’m still stuck on his first one. I have heard and bought the second one and while it’s different, I don’t like it as much as his first. Where the first is soulful  and heartfelt (just listen to this and you’ll know what I mean), the second is more distant and technical. That doesn’t mean this isn’t a great artist to listen to. I love how this swells up and just takes you along for the ride.

London Grammar – Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me

Sticking to the ‘bands I have just recently seen live’ theme: I went to see London Grammar last night. I just had to buy a ticket as their album was my go to album whenever I felt bad around this time last year. And I did plenty of times so that album was played a LOT. This particular song isn’t on the album, but from their EP and still as wonderful and enchanting as their other ones.

The Temptations – I Know I’m Losing You

Let’s step back in time. Back to the 60s and this musical gem from The Temptations. For those who only know Papa was a Rolling Stone, it’s time to go beyond that and listen to this wonderful track. What’s good about it? The vocals, the lyrics, the rhythm, just well everything. Oh and I love that dance routine. You just gotta love the 60s.

What was the last artist you saw live?

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