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Time to show you my life in pictures again. I’ve been taking quite a few pictures lately and so I gathered enough pictures for a new blog post a lot quicker than usual. Without further ado, I’m sharing a glimpse into my life of the past month. If you like the update asap, then please follow me on instagram: @indiequeen84.

Ici Paris XL was having their infamous 40% off when you buy 2 lip products deal. This is when I usually buy my high end lipsticks. I picked up two YSL Rouge pur Couture lipsticks from the current fall line. A fuchsia color and a rose color. They are so pretty and I’ve worn both already and love them. A full review will be coming up this Wednesday!

It was no make up selfie day a few weeks ago. As all I was doing was go to the gym and clean my house, I stayed make up free all day and took this just after I was done with all my perspiration.

I’ve been working some pretty long days leading up to fall vacation. In itself that’s not the best thing of course, but it does lead to plenty of pretty views as you will see in the remainder of this post. By the way, this is a sunRISE.

Another trip I took to the gym and I was craving some juice and a snack afterwards. So I took a detour via my supermarket and also found a wheat free granola that I hadn’t seen before. I also picked up two albums by Alt-J and Angus & Julia Stone on the way home. I love both albums, but I am yet undecided whether I like these more than their previous ones.

I bought a ton of new drugstore make up in September and it was time to swatch and take pictures of all the products for future reviews. These are the swatches from the Catrice Absolute Matt eyeshadow palette. Don’t you just love that pigment? A full review is up and can be read here. I also compared it to the MUA matte eyeshadow palette, which you can read here.

Pretty views of Leiden. Just before the fun fair went up for the October 3rd celebrations.

In October it was apparently sibling day. This is me and my little brother who is congratulating me with my 5th birthday. Weren’t we just cute?

I finally got to go to some concerts as well. First I saw Future Islands on October 3rd and a mere 5 days later I was at the HMH to see London Grammar. The latter made my favorite CD of 2013 and so I was happy to have seen that. Their show was one of the best I had ever seen. Goosebumps all over, several times. I love it when band exceed what they do on an album and London Grammar most definitely did. In November I’ll be seeing another 2 shows, so I hope those will be as much fun as these were.

Long days at work sometimes means you have to get out. It was an absolutely lovely day a few weeks ago and I was going to be cooped inside all day. There is a park across the street, so I decided to take advantage of my break and take a stroll. That little block in the distance is where I work.

My picture making spurt, came into being because I participated in the 5 things that make me happy challenge. This was my first post. This is me in bed, with a hot cup of tea, fresh sheets and wearing clean PJs. So corny, but it’s one of my favorite things in the world. I’ve been enjoying going to bed a bit earlier than normal lately. I tend to go to bed, take a cup of tea with me and listen to one or two chapters of the Harry Potter audio books which I am nearly finished with. I will be missing Harry as read by Stephen Fry by the time it’s done though! It’s great to drift off while being read to.

And I’ve been attempting to bake bread. I’ve made two attempts so far, of which this one was the most successful. It at least rose up, which the first one didn’t even do. I’m trying to make gluten free bread with my mom’s breadmaker but so far no luck. Even though this appear to look okay, the texture of the bread itself was just horrendous. It tastes like donut batter. Yuck.

Part of my massive make up haul were some nail polishes by Essence & Catrice. A post with swatches is already up and I had a chance to wear a few of these already. Unfortunately, the pinky red and purple on the left have the worst staying power. They chipped off almost instantly after I started using my hands. And when I was cutting up veggies for dinner that night it only got worse. Bummer, because they are some stunning colors.

After going home from the Future Islands concert, the October 3rd festivities were still in full swing. I usually flee the city around this time and spent some time at my parents’ place this year. And I always try to go to a concert one of the nights, just so I am not stuck at home in the wall of sound that is created by one of the many cover bands that take the stage just 10 meters from my doorstep.

Since the end of August I’ve been going back to see my doctor about my allergy shots. In case you don’t know: I have been on immunotherapy for the past 3 or so years. It means you go to your doctor every few weeks to be injected with that which gives you an allergic reaction. In my case that’s tree pollen and I had been doing it for quite some time. I took a break from it all though this past year and went back in to start it back up. So now I’m at my doctor on a weekly basis for the next 3 months or so to get the shots going again. One particular morning, I found I was all out of breakfast, lunch and dinner for that day and make a quick stop at Albert Heijn after my doctor’s appointment.

As I was saying, I’ve been making some pretty long days at work and so one night I was walking home and the street lights were already one and I couldn’t resist taking this shot at twilight. By now, days are definitely getting shorter and daylight saving time is officially over as of last night, so I’m sure I’ll be able to take many more of these types of pictures in the next few month.

What have you been up to this month?

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