NOTD: Icy taupe

A quicky nail post for today’s nail news. I created this super easy to do nail look the other week and thought I’d share. All you need is a taupe basecoat and an ice like glitter topcoat and you’re done! Here’s what I did.

I never really pay attention to the type of colors I’m wearing on my nails. I just pick a combination that tickles my fancy and I go with it. Regardless of the seasons, time of the year or what might be deemed appropriate. If I feel like wearing neon pink today I will. So the other day I was really feeling wearing a taupe. To spice it up a little, I decided to use one of my new Essence top coats in Icy Fairy and I really liked the effect.

Products used:

  • L’Oreal Miracle Repair 7 base coat
  • Diamond Cosmetics Taupe Shimmer
  • Essence Effect Nail Polish in Icy Fairy
  • Sally Hansen InstaDry top coat

I loved how at first glance the topper seems completely silver. But then, when you move your fingers in the light small specks of blue become visible. I also like the added touch with the larger, chunkier glitter pieces in this polish. It was one of those combinations that I just couldn’t stop staring at while it was on my hands. Yet it was so simple to do! And so I deemed it share worthy on the blog.

What is your favorite glitter top coat?

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  1. desireewanders says:

    Wat een super leuk effect! ik houd van dit soort nagellak

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Dankje! Ja ik vond het effect ook heel mooi geworden. Verrassend.

  2. Jana says:

    Probeer er eens een zwarte nagellak onder en je krijgt een galaxy effect ! Super tof lakje die top coat !x

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Ook een tof idee idd!

  3. Jori says:

    Wel goed kleurtje past goed bij je staan! Wauw

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