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On Monday I showed you the beauty bits I picked up while I was in London. But of course I had to hit up some other high street stores to pick up some fashion bits as well. I went to all the usual suspects: Topshop, Primark, New Look, River Island, Urban Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret. Just like I had a wishlist for some make up bits, I also knew I wanted to pick up a few clothing items. I wanted to get a pair of black Chelsea boots that do not have a heel. And I also needed to get some bras and undies from Vics. Of course, I found plenty of other things in between.

Red velvet scrunchie with rabbit ears/ bow (Topshop)
Black & white plaid scrunchie (Urban Outfitters)

Let’s start with accessories. These are all the accessories I got, so it’s quick and easy to get those out of the way. Up until this point I did not own any scrunchies. And now I do. The UO one was on sale and I got it for free as they had a buy one get one free deal on all sale items. So woohoo. And I think the ears/ bow detail on the red velvet one is just really cute. Great way to spruce up any ponytail or bun.

Black leather Chelsea boot (New Look)

I went into New Look hoping they’d have a good pair of boots like the ones I was looking for. I was torn between these and another pair. But since those weren’t available in my size, and weren’t made of real leather I decided to go with these. I just saw that the other pair are still available in my size from the New Look website, so I may still order them. They were a bit lower than these and looked perfect with the length of my jeans. I already worn these shoes the last day I was in London because the shoes I had brought were killing my feet. And I can vouch that these shoes are about the comfiest thing ever.

Light wash Leigh jeans with cuts at the knee (Topshop)
Marled grey flowy cardigan (Urban Outfitters)

When I go to Topshop on Oxford Street, I usually go crazy in there. I find so many good things, but this time I was a bit underwhelmed by the offerings. Either the items I liked were insanely expensive, or not available in my size, or just didn’t look right once I tried them on. One thing that did come home with me was a pair of jeans. I’ve been loving the Joni and Jamie jeans from Topshop, but heard great things about the Leigh jeans. And oh my, these are the softest pair of jeans I’ve ever felt. And I wanted a proper pair of light wash denim, so that matter was settled quickly. I picked up the cardigan because this too is made of the softest material ever. It was a tad expensive, but UO does do the best cardigans ever and I just know I will be wearing this loads.

Grey sequin panel sweatshirt (H&M)

So sweatshirts and sequins are all the rage this season and usually I am not too big a fan of the latter. But this sweater just grabbed my attention and I was surprised by how comfy it was and how it looked on.

Scalloped edge black and white cropped top (Urban Outfitters)
Black & white cropped button up (Urban Outfitters)

These items were both on sale. And I actually didn’t pay for them. Once I was rung up at the register and I had paid I thought: hang on, shouldn’t I pay more? When I checked the receipt on my way out I noticed the girl had forgotten these two items. So I got these for an absolute great deal. I love the scalloped edge of the first top and the retro vibe of the second. Both are cropped so more of a summer item, but I think that especially the blouse will be great for now. I’d style it up with a skirt and a cardigan I think, a thick pair of comfy tights and my Doc Marten’s.

Long burgundy sweater (H&M)

I do not own a single burgundy sweater. When I saw this I knew that had to change. It’s a bit longer and I got it in a size small. That way the fit is a bit more tailored and I can hoist it up to my hips. That way the sweater has this casual drape effect which makes for a greatly effortless look.

Daisy & sunflower print shift dress (River Island)
Cream lace strappy dress (Urban Outfitters)

You knew I had picked up a dress or two, didn’t you? If you know me a bit you would have guessed absolutely right. Both of these were on sale. The UO dress was only 10 pounds, down from an original 48 pound price tag. And the River Island dress was a great find. The biggest size available was a 10, which is an EU size 38 and for dresses that usually doesn’t fit. But for some reason this did. It has an absolute perfect fit and I don’t have too many shift dresses (in fact, I think this is my first one). Plus, that print is just absolutely gorgeous. In other words, it’s a great addition to my wardrobe.

Beige/ pink sweater with metallic thread (H&M)

Another trend this fall/ winter is metallic. In make up and nail polish, but also in clothes. Again, usually not a big fan, but this very subtle way of doing it instantly caught my eye. There is just a hint of silver metallic thread knitted into this design and I think that adds just that bit of extra interest to the piece.

Black cosy legging (Primark)
Penguin print knitted leggings (Primark)

Of course I went to Primark. This time I went to the one closest to Tottenham Court Road. There is another one on the other end of Oxford Street, near Marble Arch. I always went to that one, as it was the first one there. But this time I was going to go across Oxford Street from the other side and so I went into the first Primark I found. I came away with hardly anything. I haven’t been too impressed with Primark in recent times. Where before I would buy up half the store, these days I just stick with a few items. I picked up a standard pair of black leggings but these have a fleece lining which is the softest and comfiest thing ever. It also makes them more opaque. And I got a pair of penguin printed knitted leggings. I got a similar pair last year, but with snowmen and I practically lived in those all winter. And I just couldn’t resist those penguins.

Marbled grey ribbed crop top (River Island)
Black scalloped edge top (Topshop)

As I said before I was quite unimpressed with the offerings at Topshop, but the same went for River Island. So apart from a pair of jeans in the first shop and a dress in the other, I merely picked up some tops. Ribbed crop tops are everywhere now and I really like the look of them, especially in grey. I got it in the largest size available so it’s not too short and can still be worn right now. I had already spotted these scalloped edge tops in Topshop over summer, when I was in Barcelona, but at the time they only sold them as crop tops. And I didn’t like that very much. Now they were selling them as an actual top and I loved it. It’s a bit boxy, but I just love that scalloped edge detail on the bottom and the sleeves.

Body by Victoria demi bra in burgundy (Victoria’s Secret)
Body by Victoria perfect coverage bra in pink/mauve/ lavender (Victoria’s Secret)

Is it weird to show bras? I don’t think so. Almost every woman wears them and I find that a good bra makes all the difference. I found out recently that two of my favorite models have been discontinued (the Showstopper and the Invincible) so I decided to pay Victoria’s Secret on New Bond Street a visit to find out what bras I like from the current offerings. This is the same bra twice (Body, which is the closest thing to the Showstopper I found), but in a different fit. The top one is a demi, the bottom one a full coverage. And they are in two gorgeous, fall appropriate shades.

The Lacie thong in pink sequin, taupe sequin and dark grey (Victoria’s Secret)

If you find bras a TMI, then this will totally take the cake, but I don’t care. Yes, these are panties. Thongs to be exact. If you’re looking for a pair that fits you perfectly no matter what and do not cut you off in weird places, then you should start stocking up on these. The Lacie are a one size fits all thong and they are the comfiest thing ever. They are made of invisible lace, meaning you cannot see the lines of the fabric when you wear tight clothes and the best part? I’ve had some of these for years and they retained their shape and color perfectly. No loose threads, ripping or anything of the sort. It’s an investment that is well worth the money.

Hiphugger in lavender, blue grey & burgundy (Victoria’s Secret)

This style of panty is a new one for me so I can’t wait to try them. I wanted to get colors to match my new bras and they only came in this style. They had a deal on if you bought 3 panties and I thought the dark blue color was absolutely gorgeous so I picked it up. These feel very silky and soft so I hope they are as comfortable as the Cheeky which is my favorite Victoria’s Secret panty along with the Lacie above.

What fashion item would you like to buy in London?

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