Tuned up Thursday: Music ABC – I

Are you ready for some golden oldies sprinkled with a hint of new time mesmerizing vocals? Then stay tuned, because today I’ll be sharing with you my 5 favorite songs starting with the letter I. And for some reason most of them predate my own date of birth. Hear Rod Stewart’s rendition of I Know I’m Losing You, swoon along with good ole blue eyes, rock out to arguably the best band that has ever existed, swing along with one of my favorite female singers of all time and float away on one of the dreamiest tunes made in recent years.

I Know I’m Losing You – Rod Stewart

Originally by The Temptations (which is also a really really nice version, check it out!) this song of heartbreak gets a Rock N Roll vibe by Rob Stewart. From the rocking guitar riffs to the drum filled intermezzo and the raw vocals, this song has everything to get you to stomp along and shake your hair loose.

If It Ain’t Got That Swing – Ella Fitzgerald

My all time favorite singer would have to be Ella Fitzgerald. I mentioned her a long time ago on this same space, but I think I should mention her again. It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing is a quintessential track and her vocals are over the moon. This live version is magnificent too, with plenty of scatting and instrumental pieces going on.

If You Wait – London Grammar

I posted this song only recently as one of my favorite chill out songs, but still a good song cannot be shared enough in my opinion. So here it is again: one of my favorite late night, chilled out, relaxing tracks that was released in the past years. Just listen to it and be transported into a different world.

I’m Down – Beatles

Are they the best band ever? Well you decide for yourselves, but I think the Beatles are pretty rad in any case. This song in particular, which was only ever released as a b-side, gets me going every time. I love plenty of other songs by them, but I decided to go with a not so usual choice as this is still one of my favorites. It rocks a lot more than anything they ever did and that’s probably why.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Frank Sinatra

I am not a huge Sinatra fan, but I have a few favorites. This is one of them. The smooth vocals, combined with this jazzy swing tune is what makes this tune timeless and still great. I love his diction and pacing in this song and the lyrics are really good too.

What is your favorite song starting with an I?

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